10 Innovative AI Marketing Prompts To Jumpstart Your Business

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I recently posted this on my Facebook business page, asking whether AI is a friend or foe.

And let me tell ya, some of the responses had me scratching my head…

“Do I really need to learn this AI stuff?” “It just seems so artificial to me.” “I tried it but couldn't figure it out.”

Look, I get it. Some of you are reluctant or even scared of AI. But here's the thing: AI is here now whether we want it or not. And as marketers, we can either use it to grow our biz or get left behind.


That's why I wanted to share some specific AI marketing prompts you can put to work to jumpstart your business in really clever ways. I take pride in crafting prompts that provide massive value from a marketing angle – these ideas come straight from me, not from the Internet wilds.

My hope is that you'll see the huge potential in AI after reading this. And if you've been a naysayer, maybe it'll shift your thinking. AI can be an amazing tool for marketers!

Here are 10 AI applications that we are going to cover to help jumpstart your marketing efforts:

1. Unlock the Secret to Solving ANY Business Challenge

This AI marketing prompt for your business is all about tapping into AI to solve ANY business problem you're facing right now. I want to challenge you to get creative and brainstorm how AI could potentially help improve marketing, sales, operations – you name it! Don't limit yourself to obvious things. Really blue sky it and imagine AI as your personal business consultant, offering up solutions you'd never think of on your own. Approach this prompt with an open mind, and you might just have some serious lightbulb moments for your business! The key is not letting preconceived notions about AI hold you back from exploring the art of the possible. Be bold, be imaginative, be willing to experiment – and let AI unlock your next big breakthrough!

Marketing Prompt:

I need your assistance solving this [PROBLEM]. Follow these steps to solve it:

  1. Brainstorm five distinct solutions, taking into account various factors.
  2. Evaluate each solution by considering the pros and cons, initial effort needed, implementation difficulty, potential challenges, and expected outcomes. Assign a probability of success and a confidence level to each option based on these factors, and rank them. Announce the two highest ranked solutions.
  3. For the top two solutions, expand each solution into two distinct implementation variants considering different aspects.
  4. Deepen the thought process for each implementation variant of each solution. Generate potential scenarios, strategies for implementation, and how potential obstacles might be overcome. Consider any possible unexpected outcomes and how they can be handled. Assign a probability of success and a confidence level to each implementation variant based on these factors, and rank them. Announce the highest ranked implementation variant for each solution.
  5. Choose the most promising solution and its corresponding implementation variant from the provided options.
  6. Summarize the final solution using the chosen implementation variant.

2. Your New AI Sidekick for Crushing Daily To-Dos


This AI marketing prompt for your business is all about leveraging AI to help you master your daily to-do list and calendar. An AI-powered executive assistant can schedule meetings, set reminders, prioritize tasks, and more – so you can focus on high-impact work. Just imagine having your own jarvis-like AI assistant handling the administrative grind, while you dedicate your precious time and mental energy to the projects that really move the needle for your biz. This type of AI automation can be a total game-changer in boosting your productivity and performance. Approach this prompt with an open mind about how an AI assistant could optimize your workflow. You might be surprised by how much time and sanity it wins back for you!

Marketing Prompt:

I am an experienced executive assistant specialized in managing to-do lists and daily schedules. My role is to help you stay focused, prevent distractions, and ensure the efficient completion of each task on your list.  I will analyze your to-do list and schedule based on your start time, task duration, and scheduled meeting times.

Using this information, I will assign each task a scheduled time and maintain a table with headers (Task, Expected time, Scheduled Time, Status [Not started, In Progress, Deferred, Complete]).

I'll update the table as you tick off items, make changes, or move them around, but I won't display the table until you ask for it.

When you request it, I'll provide you with the next task on the list, making sure you complete each one before assigning the next.

Please note that as the EA, there may be research tasks delegated to me that begin with the prefix ‘EA task' which I will promptly perform at the right step. To ensure clarity in our communication, I will use the prefix ‘EA: ‘ before every message I send back. Additionally, I will share my thoughts in the thinking brackets as the human AI assistant.

Rest assured, my warm and positive vibe will guide our interaction throughout. Let's get started by sharing your to-do list!

3. This AI Prompt Made Me a Marketing Genius Overnight – Data Analysis

Have you ever wished you could just KNOW exactly what your audience craves? Well this nifty AI marketing prompt for your business is all about using community data to give you that power! I'm talking deep analysis of comments, posts, reviews – anything your audience shares. This can unlock game-changing insights on their pain points, interests, emotions – you name it. Approach this one with curiosity about what you could learn. Then use those insights as rocket fuel for content, offers, and engagement. It's like putting your ear to the ground so you can really HEAR your people. Try it – and get ready for some serious marketing magic!

I have a  FREE community, AI Authority Creators (join us!) and when someone comes in, we ask 3 questions…

  1. What is your top struggle with using AI to create tailored content that builds authority and SELLS?
  2. Drop your email to get the inside scoop on all things community plus free tools and tips.
  3. Share your number if you want to explore how you can use AI to build an authoritative brand presence that magnetically attracts your perfect audience.

This information can then be exported and I can analyze the data in a blink to find the common problems my community members face. This helps me to craft targeted solutions, foster deeper connections, and empower my community with the precise tools and guidance they need. By understanding their struggles, I can illuminate their path, turn obstacles into stepping stones, and nurture growth that resonates with their unique needs and aspirations.


Marketing Prompt:

I need you to analyze customer feedback from individuals who have joined my FREE community, AI Authority Creators. By doing this, I want you to identify and summarize the biggest challenges that these members are facing. Additionally, I would like you to create a visual diagram that clearly illustrates these problem areas. The diagram should be easy to understand and visually appealing, using appropriate shapes, colors, and labels. Please include the following in your response:

1. A concise summary of the major challenges mentioned by the community members.
2. A well-designed visual diagram that represents the identified problem areas.
3. Ensure the presentation is clear and easily understandable for all users, regardless of technical expertise.

Avoid providing any explanations or additional information along with the summary and visual diagram. Focus solely on delivering the requested information and ensure it accurately reflects the feedback provided by the community members.

4. How This AI Marketing Prompt Became My Secret Weapon for Killer Headlines

You guys know writing clickable headlines ain't easy! As much as I love wordsmithing, even I hit writer's block sometimes. That's why this prompt is so juicy! It challenges you to have AI generate a bunch of headline options for your blogs, ads, emails…you name it. Give it what you want to market and watch it go! If you have trained AI up correctly it will even be in your voice! The best part, taking the pressure off yourself can really get the creative juices going. And letting AI suggest headlines gives you a refreshing new perspective. Try this out the next time you're staring at a blank page – I promise it'll be a total game changer for crafting headlines that pop! You got this!

Marketing Prompt:

I need you to demonstrate your expertise in creating compelling headlines that are effective in converting visitors into customers for [AI Authority Insiders Membership]

Please utilize one of the following techniques: ‘The Big Promise', ‘The Slippery Slope', or ‘The No-Nonsense Qualifier'. When crafting the headline, I want you to give priority to addressing the reader's needs and highlighting the benefits rather than focusing on product features. Please incorporate storytelling and testimonials to build trust with the readers. Make sure the headline is irresistible and will grab their attention right away.

5. Stop Struggling with Taglines – This AI Marketing Prompt Is All You Need For Your Business

ai-generated-image-depicting-the-struggle-of crafting-headlines

As marketers, we know how critical it is to have a magnetic tagline. But let's be real – they are TOUGH to write! This AI marketing prompt for your business encourages you to leverage AI to ideate taglines for your brand or campaign. Ask it to generate options based on your key messaging. Then pick its brain for fresh ideas you can refine. Taking the pressure off yourself can work wonders! And you might just discover a tagline you'd never think of alone. Don't be afraid to collaborate with AI on this – great taglines take teamwork!

Marketing Prompt:

As a high level marketing professional, please generate a list of ten taglines for our [name of business]. Our product stands out due to its [unique selling features]. Each tagline should consist of two to six words and should not include the word ‘[whatever word you want to omit]'. The objective is to capture the essence of our brand's [vibe] in a concise and attention-grabbing manner. Please present the taglines as a bullet point list.

Example: As a high level marketing professional, please generate a list of ten taglines for our AI Authority Insider Membership. Our product stands out due to its cutting-edge AI insights and expert training. Each tagline should consist of two to six words and should not include the word ‘complex'. The objective is to capture the essence of our brand's innovative and authoritative vibe in a concise and attention-grabbing manner. Please present the taglines as a bullet point list.


6. Struggling with Great LinkedIn Content? This AI Marketing Prompt Changes Everything

Raise your hand if you feel me on this – LinkedIn content can be tough! Standing out in the crowd takes serious strategy. Well this prompt is a game-changer. It challenges you to leverage AI to ideate magnetic content for your LinkedIn feed and articles. Give it your target audience, goals, and messaging. Then watch it work its magic! Whether it's post ideas, headlines, or full article drafts, AI can truly boost your creative process. And we all know great content is the key to organic reach and engagement on LinkedIn. So don't let the blank page intimidate you. Let AI be your brainstorming buddy, then add your personal flair. Your network will be so impressed by your newfound content superpowers!

Marketing Prompt:

You are an experienced and skilled LinkedIn content creator with expertise in crafting captivating headlines and engaging copy. Your current task requires you to create [number] attention-grabbing headlines for LinkedIn posts that will entice your target audience of professionals in the [specific industry or field]. For each headline, please provide the specific format or structure along with its accompanying copy. Additionally, include a brief description of the content or topic for each headline and incorporate relevant keywords or phrases to optimize search engine visibility. Where appropriate, feel free to use emojis to enhance engagement.

7. Give This AI Marketing Prompt for your Business a Try if You Want Your Posts to Go Viral

OK y'all, it's time to shake up your social media strategy! This prompt challenges you to have AI suggest ideas for highly engaging posts. Give it your target audience, desired tone/messaging, and platform. Then watch the ideas flow! Combining AI's data smarts with your human creativity can result in some seriously shareable content. Of course you'll want to fine tune anything it suggests. But letting AI spark initial post ideas can get you out of a rut. And don't we all need that social media boost sometimes? I double dog dare you to test this out and WOW your followers with the ensuing engagement. Just watch those likes, comments, and shares blow up! 🙌

Marketing Prompt:

Compose a social media post for an [entrepreneurial] community focused on [technology and innovation]. Your task is to inspire followers to reflect on a personal [tech] achievement they've accomplished this week. The post should:

-Engage the Audience: Begin with a question or statement that captures attention and resonates with the theme of achievement.
-Highlight the Theme: Emphasize the importance of celebrating weekly technological accomplishments, no matter how big or small.
– Incorporate a Quote: Include a motivational quote from a renowned tech leader or innovator that aligns with the theme of progress and success.
-Encourage Participation: Invite followers to share their achievements in the comments, using a specific and relevant hashtag, such as #TechTriumphThursday.
– Include Visuals (Optional): Suggest an image or visual element that could accompany the post, such as a trophy, lightbulb, or upward arrow.
-Maintain a Positive Tone: Ensure that the language is uplifting, encouraging, and fosters a sense of community and collaboration.
-Use appropriate emoji's

8. Use This AI Marketing Prompt to Create a Business Plan


Ugh, who actually likes writing business plans? Even essential stuff like this can feel tedious. That's why this prompt is so exciting! It guides you to use AI to draft key sections of your business plan. Think market analysis, competitive research, financial projections – AI can create a first pass to build on. And we all know how much time those parts can take. With AI's help, you focus energy on the vision and strategy pieces. Taking some of the grunt work off your plate lets you craft an incredibly strong plan with half the effort. I'm all about working smarter, not harder! Give this one a whirl – your future biz self will thank you.

Marketing Prompt:

I am your business plan consultant, ready to guide you through the process step by step. To begin, I will ask you a series of questions in order to gather the necessary information for creating the business plan. After asking all the questions, I will confirm if you are ready to view the final business plan. If you respond ‘yes', I will provide you with the complete business plan based on your answers. If you respond ‘no', please provide further instruction. We may need to engage in back-and-forth conversation, so I will share the business plan only when both of us are ready. Each question will be labeled as ‘Question X/Y' where X represents the current question number and Y is the total number of questions needed for the business plan. Please answer one question at a time, and once you understand these instructions, kindly reply with ‘Yes, what can I do for you?'

9. Struggling to Answer Customer Questions? This AI Marketing Prompt For Your Business Is Your Secret Weapon

As much as I like engaging one-on-one with my audience, crafting comprehensive FAQs is still so critical. This prompt challenges you to have AI review your existing FAQs or generate drafts for new ones. Its algorithms can analyze customer data to recommend helpful questions and answers based on common pain points and interests. Such a time saver! Then you just refine them with your human touch. Voila – you've got an FAQ that covers all the bases and sounds totally YOU! Don't knock it til you try it…AI might just become your FAQ BFF.😉

Marketing Prompt:

I need your help in creating a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for [niche or offer]. As an expert in this area, you have extensive knowledge and expertise. Your task is to create a well-structured list of FAQs that cover the most common queries related to [niche or offer]. Please ensure the following guidelines:

1. Each FAQ should be concise and clear, with a single question followed by a brief and accurate answer.
2. Include a variety of relevant topics and address different aspects related to [niche or offer].
3. If possible, provide examples or practical tips alongside the answers to enhance clarity and usefulness.
4. Consider organizing the FAQs into categories or sections to make it easier for users to navigate.
5. Aim to include at least [number] FAQs, but feel free to add more if necessary.
6. Keep the language simple and accessible, avoiding technical jargon unless required.
7. Provide a brief introduction at the beginning to explain the purpose and context of the FAQ list.

Once you've created the list, please share it with me without any additional explanations or commentary. I will review it and let you know if any revisions or additions are needed.

10. This AI Marketing Prompt for Your Business Lets You Pick the Brains of History's Biggest Geniuses


As marketers and entrepreneurs, we're always trying to come up with those truly BREAKTHROUGH ideas, right? Well this prompt is downright fascinating. It challenges you to “pick the brains” of famous geniuses throughout history, tapping into their knowledge with AI's help. Imagine getting branding advice from a visionary like Steve Jobs! Or copywriting tips from Shakespeare! Obviously it requires some imagination and filtering. But engaging with AI in this way just might spark creative epiphanies you'd never reach alone. Keep an open mind, and who knows – you might uncover the next big innovation for your biz!

Marketing Prompt:

I would like you to provide me with five actionable ideas for implementing Chet Holmes' Dream 100 principle in the [specific industry or market] context. The Dream 100 principle focuses on identifying and targeting the best buyers in order to maximize sales effectiveness. To fulfill my request, please ensure that each idea is clear, concise, and directly applicable to [specific industry or market]. Additionally, it would be helpful if you could provide some explanation or reasoning behind each idea to help me understand the value and potential impact of implementing them.


The possibilities are endless when you embrace AI as a marketing tool! I hope these prompts sparked some ideas for how you can integrate AI into your own efforts to drive growth. Start small if you're feeling hesitant – try one prompt a week and build from there. You might be surprised by how much time and energy AI can save you while taking your marketing game to the next level. And who couldn't use more of that, right friends?

Remember – no great success story started inside a comfort zone. Be willing to test, experiment and collaborate with AI. Approach it with an open mind, get creative, and see where it takes you! AI is the future whether we like it or not, so we might as well make it work FOR us as marketers, not against us.

Now get out there and put these prompts into action! Wishing you lots of AI-powered marketing magic.

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10 months ago

Sweet! I’ll be using some of these for sure~

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Actionable content! Thank you!

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Jaeson S.
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Great stuff as usual! Thanks!!

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