Top 7 AI-Powered Video Editing Tools You Must Try

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In this post, we'll explore the world of AI-powered video editing tools, where creativity meets technology for limitless possibilities!

In today's digital world, amazing video content is everything. But let's be real – editing videos can be a tough. That's why I'm so jazzed about this new generation of smart AI editing tools!

These babies bring together technology and creativity to completely change how we make videos. They provide innovative features that make creating incredible content simple and fun!

Whether you're a video pro or just starting out, these AI powered video editing tools open up unlimited possibilities. Are you ready to become a video editing rockstar? Let's dive in and check out how AI is revolutionizing video creation!

1. Descript – A Whole New Way to Make Videos and Podcasts

Descript isn't your normal AI powered video editing tool. It's changing how people create videos and podcasts. Keep reading to learn about Descript's magical features.


Video Editing Made Crazy Easy

Imagine editing videos as easily as you write docs. Descript lets you do just that! Now anyone can make great videos, fast. No more technical skills needed.

Descript is perfect for marketers wanting beautiful videos without the headache. The easy editing means you get more content out quicker. Learn more about Descript's simple video editing.

Podcast Creation Made Simple

Editing a podcast episode is now as easy as writing a doc. Podcasters, rejoice! Descript's user-friendly design makes podcast making a breeze.

Engage your listeners with awesome audio content through Descript's straightforward tools. Podcasting is now open to everyone!

Record Your Screen with One Click

Need to record your screen or webcam? Descript lets you capture, edit and share in seconds.

Great for making demos, tutorials and webinars. Descript takes your marketing reach further with simple screen recording.

Automated Transcribing and Text Tools

Let Descript auto-transcribe your videos quickly and accurately. Easily turn videos into text for blogs and social posts.

Descript's handy text tools help you repurpose content farther. Expand your reach!

Make Snackable Clips Your Viewers Will Love

Turn longer videos into short, fun clips your audience will dig. Add subtitles, templates and more.

Descript's clipping tool is perfect for making bite-sized shareable content. Use clips to connect with viewers in new ways!

Show Your Videos Your Way

With Descript, you control how your videos look and where they live online. Customize your video player.

Share your content your way with Descript's flexible publishing options. Align your videos with your brand.

Collaborate as a Team

Bring your marketing team together to create videos in Descript. Work on projects in one place.

Descript's collaboration features unite teams for smooth content creation. Unlock your creativity!

Great Low Price

Try Descript's core features free. Then unlock more for only $12 a month. Sign up and explore pricing.

Final Thoughts

Descript is truly revolutionary. It's changing how people make and share videos and podcasts. The easy-to-use tools open up creation to everyone.

From simple editing to built-in collaboration, Descript feels like magic. It's a must-try for marketers and creators alike!


2. – Level Up Your Video Marketing isn't your basic AI powered video editing tool. It helps you make videos that wow and convert viewers. Read on to learn about's fab features for marketers.

Video Editing Made Simple

Editing videos is as easy as drag-and-drop with Now anyone can make pro-level videos, fast. is perfect for marketers wanting great videos without the technical headache. The simple editing helps you create more engaging content quickly.

Add Subtitles to Connect Globally

Reach more people by adding subtitles in multiple languages. makes it easy.

Subtitles help your message resonate worldwide. helps you be inclusive and speak to every audience.

Make Videos Uniquely You

Make your brand pop by adding special filters, transitions and more in Customize your videos. lets you give videos your unique flair. Viewers will connect your visual style with your brand.

Boost Views with Interactive Elements

Add progress bars, sound waves and more. helps keep viewers glued to your videos longer.

Use's interactive options to increase watch time and create an immersive experience. Engage your audience!

Record Your Screen with Ease

Easily record your screen or webcam right in Perfect for demos, tutorials and webinars.

Screen recording helps educate and build trust with your audience. makes it simple to share your expertise.

Streamline Teamwork

Collaborate seamlessly on videos together in Unleash your team's creativity!'s shared workspace keeps your team connected. Create better videos through collaboration.

Optimize Videos for Each Platform

Maximize reach by customizing videos for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more – all in lets you tailor videos for every platform. Be consistent while optimizing for each channel.

Pricing for Any Budget

Start free then unlock more features for just $18/month. scales with you. See pricing.

Final Thoughts empowers you to make videos that captivate and convert viewers. Its easy-to-use tools are made for marketers.

From simplified editing to built-in collaboration, will become your video marketing partner. Take your content to the next level!

3.Opus Clip – Unleash the Power of Viral Video Clips

Opus Clip takes your long videos and turns them into short shareable clips. Read on to learn how this magical AI powered video tool can help you go viral.


AI Helps You Go Viral

Opus Clip uses AI like a high-tech BFF. It scans your video and finds the parts most likely to get shares and likes.

AI Clipping Wizard

ClipGenius™ is Opus Clip's AI wizard. It watches your video and pulls out the best moments to make a viral short clip – like an expert film editor!

See Your Video's Viral Potential

Opus Clip's AI Virality Score gives you a peek at your clip's chances of taking off and going viral. It's like a crystal ball!

Customize Clips with AI Co-Pilot

Pick the parts you want clipped through keywords with the AI Co-Pilot. Like your own editor sidekick!

Keep Faces Centered

Never miss a shot thanks to Opus Clip's AI keeping faces centered automatically. Your clips will be picture perfect.

Draw Attention to Keywords

Boost watch time by having AI highlight valuable keywords. Opus Clip puts the spotlight on what matters most.

Emojis Add Shareability

Automatically add fun and relevant emojis with Opus Clip's emoji generator. Emojis can get more views!

Handles the Technical Stuff

Opus Clip takes care of transitions, captions, and resizing – so you can focus on creativity.

Accurate Auto Captions

Increase watch time with Opus Clip's spot-on speech recognition for auto-generated captions.

Made for Global Audiences

Reach more people with Opus Clip's support for multiple languages. Your message travels farther.

Brand Videos Your Way

Make videos on-brand fast with Opus Clip's custom templates and branding tools. Show your style!

Flexible Pricing

Start clipping for free. Then unlock more features for just $10/month. Opus Clip scales with you.

Final Thoughts

Opus Clip is a game-changing partner for creating viral clips from long videos with AI power. Take your online presence to new heights!

4. Vizard – Repurpose Videos into Shareable Clips with AI

Vizard uses AI magic to turn long videos into short clips ready for social. Read on to see how Vizard makes repurposing video a breeze.


Record Once, Use Everywhere

Imagine creating a video once and having clips tailored for all your channels. Vizard makes it happen, like magic!

Boost Your Social Presence

Ride the trends and capture attention with short video clips. Vizard gives you the know-how to craft viral content.

Save Time and Money

Let Vizard's AI clipping do the heavy lifting for you. Create more content in less time without blowing your budget!

Made for All Creators

Vizard works for marketers, coaches, agencies and more. Unlock polished video content with ease.

What Makes Vizard Special?

Clip Videos with AI, Fast

Get shareable clips in seconds, not hours! Vizard's smart AI scans your video and pulls out the best parts.

Created for Every Creator

Vizard speaks your language, whether you're a marketer, podcaster, or anyone creating content.

How Vizard's Magic Works

Upload and Transcribe

Vizard uses AI to transcribe and process your video, cutting out filler – like an assistant who just gets you.

Click “AI Clipping”

Sit back while Vizard's AI generates clips with designs and text ready for any platform. It's that easy!

Share Instantly

Download or share your clips with one click. Vizard makes it simple to get your content out there.

Vizard's Handy Features:

AI Clipping Wizard

Vizard's clever AI finds the most engaging clips to resonate with your audience. It knows what works.

Built-In Video Editor

Easily add subtitles, crop, and more with Vizard's full editing toolkit. It equips you to polish videos.

Auto Subtitling

Boost engagement by auto-generating subtitles in multiple languages. Vizard helps you connect globally.

Transcribe and Translate

Turn your videos into text or translate into other languages. Vizard removes communication barriers.

Ready to Start Repurposing? Here's Pricing…

Begin clipping videos for free with Vizard. Then there is a Creator's plan for $16/month and it goes up from there. See pricing details.

Final Thoughts

Vizard is your new AI-powered partner for repurposing video content quickly. Whatever you create, Vizard helps you grow!


5. Gling – AI Video Editor To Save You Time

Gling's AI magics away unwanted pauses and mistakes from your videos. Keep reading to see how this AI powered video editing tool, Gling, makes editing a breeze.


Cut Silences and Bad Takes

Imagine an editor that removes filler and unwanted silences from your raw footage. That's Gling! It keeps the good stuff.

Made with Love for YouTubers

Take your rough video draft and let Gling polish it up nice and pretty. Its AI transforms your raw clips into gems.

Upload, Review, Export

Send your clips to Gling's AI to cut the cringe. Review, make tweaks, then export to your favorite video editor. So easy!

Works with Your Tools

Gling plays nice with Final Cut, Premiere, and more. It's like a bridge between Gling's magic and your editor.

How Gling's AI Works

Just download, upload your clip, and Gling's smart AI scans and trims silences. Simple as can be!

Multilingual Magic

Gling supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It helps you connect with diverse audiences.

Flexible Pricing

Try Gling's core features free first. Then choose a paid plan that fits your needs. It grows with you.

Final Thoughts

Gling is your new AI creative partner to handle tedious editing tasks. It frees you up to focus on fun video creation!

Whether you're a YouTuber, marketer or creator, Gling's got you. Unleash your best content!

6. Dumme – Make Engaging Short Videos with AI

Dumme's AI magic turns long videos into captivating shorts. Read on to see how this AI powered video editing tool makes video creation a breeze.



Import Videos with Ease

Dumme welcomes videos from YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, or upload your own. It preps clips for transformation.

AI Scouts Find the Best Moments

Dumme's AI works like a personal scout to pull the most wow-worthy moments to hook viewers. It optimizes clips to shine.

Auto-Generated Captions & Titles

Imagine captions, titles, and descriptions ready in seconds! Dumme's AI writes them for you, so you can share faster.

Connect with Global Audiences

Dumme supports 20+ languages, so your message resonates worldwide. It brings people together through video.

Made for All Your Content

Podcasts, lectures, interviews – you name it! Dumme works with any video focused on speech. It's super versatile.

Pricing Tailored to You

Try Dumme free, then pick a paid plan – Plus or Pro – tailored to your needs and budget.

Final Thoughts

Dumme combines AI and an easy design to turn long videos into snackable shorts with ease. It's a creator's dream come true!

Whether you're a podcaster, teacher, or marketer, Dumme simplifies video creation. It's your new AI creative partner.

7. Filmora by Wondershare AILab

Filmora takes video creation to the next level with AI features that simplify editing. Read on to see how Filmora makes stunning videos easy.


AI Copywriting and Graphics

Imagine an AI assistant writing engaging descriptions and automatically cutting out backgrounds. Filmora's AI tools do the work for you!

Flexible Split Screen

Showcase side-by-side comparisons, tell parallel stories, and more with Filmora's creative Split Screen options. The possibilities are endless!

Cinematic Motion Tracking

Add Hollywood style by tracking objects seamlessly through scenes. Filmora's precision tracking is super cool.

Record Screen with Ease

Filmora makes recording your screen or webcam for demos and tutorials easy. Show don't just tell!

Smart Framing and Avatars

Auto-reframe clips for any platform. And make fun avatar videos to add your unique touch. Filmora amps up your style!

Pricing for Every Budget

Filmora starts at just $30 for individuals. Tons of options fit your needs and budget. See pricing.

Final Thoughts

Filmora lets creativity shine through its AI-powered features. Whether you're a pro or just starting out, it has all the tools to realize your vision!

Ready to tell your stories visually? Unleash your imagination with Filmora. The future of video creation is here!


Well friends, we've reached the end of our tour of the top AI powered video editing tools – how awesome was that?!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling so inspired to take my video content to the next level with these smart editing tools!

From Descript's crazy easy editing to Filmora's limitless creativity, these AI editors make professional-quality video accessible for everyone. No more wasting hours on complicated software. 🙌

The future of video creation is powered by AI, and it's here now!

Don't get left behind – it's time to start using these game-changing tools in your business. Just imagine creating captivating videos that convert viewers in minutes. You've totally got this! And these AI editing tools will help make your vision a reality.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to step into the future and unleash your creativity, with AI by your side. The video world is yours for the taking!

I know you're going to create some truly incredible content. Go shake things up!


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