Beginners, 4 Small Tips To Take Off On Twitter Without Crashing!

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Welcome on board for one of the best social media sites on the planet!

A beginner is always joining a social media site, including Twitter.

I believe I can be great help to those beginners that are starting on Twitter since I myself have been a beginner too.

Over time as I engaged with Twitter more and more, I have been able to gain experience and formulate my strategies to succeed on Twitter.

I want to share some of my experience and some tips that have helped me rack some excellent results that any beginner can look forward to in the future.

As with any beginner, many types of misinformation they may formulate or some mistakes they may make are some occurrences that shouldn’t happen.

With this article, these tips can help prevent some of those mistakes even though it won’t directly state what each mistake is.

Take these Twitter tips and apply them to the daily engagement you give twitter every day, as you should be gaining more followers in the process!

Constantly Connect with Others

All social media sites at the core represent the human connection that a person can create.

On twitter, this is the very case.

Connections come with major benefits and one of the best tips to give to a beginner.

As a beginner, this is one of the most crucial activities that all need to take.

Tweet to as many others out there and start to create as many discussions as you can.

Tweeting to three twitter users a day is an excellent start.

Connection with other twitter users is a practice that you will be doing for the rest of your activity on Twitter and is still done by the top dogs on Twitter.


Keep Tweeting On!

Another core fundamental of using twitter that I want to mention to the beginners is the feature of “tweeting”.

Tweeting is a feature of Twitter that everyone knows about! Even the beginner!

But not everyone knows how to use “tweeting” to their advantage and create a strategy that involves them tweeting to success!

As we talked about connecting with others on the previous point, tweeting with as many “@” in them is an excellent way to engage with others and initiate some conversation as a start.

Tweeting at certain times effectively is a success with “tweeting” as well.


Write an Excellent Bio

First impression is one of the keys to gaining as much attention as you can and getting more followers.

Write your bio as well as you can.

Put your best effort into writing your objectives and what you stand for in life and on the internet.

Have a look at the top twitter users on Twitter and read their bio.

In most cases, they are written very well and have been written to get more followers.

Follow their examples and mold your bio to theirs so you can’t miss out on having success on Twitter.


Use Awesome Twitter Tools

I have had a lot success on Twitter based on the right tools I have used.

Tools will help automate many processes I think that require not much of your time.

As a beginner, don’t hesitate to jump on some of these tools and learn to use them to your advantage.

I would like to get you started with some I use and the best ones to use actually.


Manageflitter & Buffer

I like to ManageFlitter to manage many features of my profile, and I like to use Buffer to manage all of my tweets!



There is no excuse to not succeed on Twitter and fall in love with it.

Based on my experience and conclusion, you will need to find your own ways to succeed on Twitter.

No other strategy of someone else’s will exactly work for you.

Take these tips for a beginner and apply each one of them to certain areas of your Twitter engagement.

Which of the tips from above are you going to first apply to your Twitter strategy?

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