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Content creation can be a total BEAR!

When I first started creating content, I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I was creating “stuff”, then throwing it out into the world with a hope and a prayer.

As you might imagine, this was not an effective strategy!

And yet, if you’re like many content creators, you may find yourself in the same boat…spending tons of time and energy creating content that just isn’t helping you reach your goals.

As we enter 2023 (can you believe it?!), it's not too late to make a resolution regarding your content creation.

And may I suggest that your resolution is as follows:

“I will STOP creating content for content’s sake, and I will START creating content with a purpose and a plan!”

In this post, I’m going to lay out 7 strategies that will help you…

Create big content ideas…

Understand exactly what type of content is on TREND…

Become an AUTHORITY leader in your space….

Get your content gobbled up by your ideal customers…

And ensure your content is ACTUALLY working for you.

Sound good? Let’s jump in!

1. Your Website Needs To Establish You As The GO-TO Resource In Your Field.


I find many business owners are relying almost solely on social media to build their influence.

And while you know I LOVE social media, it’s your website that will actually act as the hub to help you establish your influence online.

Why is this?

First of all, your website or blog will be the primary place you send your social media peeps. Sure, you’ll connect with your people on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or on whichever platforms you’re using…but ultimately, you’ll direct them to your website or blog.

Second, it’s estimated there are now 40,000 search queries on Google, every single SECOND.

If your website pops up in the search results when people search for solutions to their problem, you have the opportunity to immediately establish yourself as the GO-TO resource to solve that problem or answer that question.

But let me ask you this: Is your website and blog actually projecting you as this go-to resource?

Is every piece of content on your website helping to establish you as an expert in your space?

Does your content – in 3 seconds or less – show people WHY your content matters to them, and HOW they can get what you offer?

If it doesn’t, your website isn’t effectively taking people on the customer journey (i.e., leading them on the path to a sale), and isn’t establishing you as the go-to resource in your space.

2. Create Audio Content To Get In On The Audio Trend.

Did you know that the number of podcast listeners is predicted to reach over 464 MILLION by the end of 2023, and nearly 505 million by 2024?

Did you know that the number of podcast listeners is predicted to reach over 464 MILLION by the end of 2023, and nearly 505 million by 2024?Click To Tweet

This big content idea presents an AMAZING opportunity to connect with people through audio.

And not only are people listening to podcasts at an unprecedented rate, they’re making buying decisions as a result of listening to those podcasts. In fact, 60% of listeners report searching for a product after hearing about it on a podcast!

While there are more podcasts out there than ever before, there is still HUGE opportunity here…so don’t just assume the market is oversaturated.

Also, keep in mind that podcasts aren’t the only way to use audio online.

For instance, you can share audio clips on most major social media platforms. These can be excerpts from your podcast, OR they can simply be short, standalone audio clips.

You can even turn your audio clips into visuals for an extra punch! For instance, audiograms combine your audio clip with a graphic and a waveform. These really make your audio POP on social media!

3. Create High-Quality Content For Lead Generation.


I know, I know. The term “high-quality” is definitely overused these days!

As content creators, we tend to think most of our content is high quality.

But if you’re going to stand out and establish yourself as an authority in your field, you’re going to need to create TRULY high-quality content!

This type of big content idea is going to take time, and it needs to provide TRUE value to your people.

Most content you find online right now is the same. Your content needs to stand out!

So whether it’s a whitepaper, an eBook, or a long-form blog post, it needs to be SUPER valuable.

Something I talk about throughout this post is how your content needs to help you meet your goals.

And one of the best ways to ensure your high-quality content does this is to use it as a lead generation tool.

This involves “gating” your content so that people will hand over their email address to access it.

Now listen, I know this strategy has been around for a long time. But as with many great ideas, this strategy is circling back!

When you provide true value via your content, people WILL be willing to opt in to get it. And this will mean you can continue to nurture them over time, which is what will ultimately lead to sales.

4. Create Video Content To Get Found Online.

I’m going to hit you with an astounding stat: Did you know that the average internet user watches 19 hours of video content each week?

Did you know that the average internet user watches 19 hours of video content each week?Click To Tweet

This statistic absolutely FLOORED me!

Additionally, 80% of people say they prefer video content to text-based content, and 50% of users watch video content before making a purchase.

80% of people say they prefer video content to text-based content, and 50% of users watch video content before making a purchase.Click To Tweet

If these stats don’t point to the EPIC importance of creating video, I don’t what does!

However, not all video content is created equal.

Short-form video tends to be the most popular, by far. I like to call this “snackable” video content, and it tends to be around 19 seconds long.

So, work at creating short, yet value-packed video content that’s likely to get found online.

Which leads to me to my next point: if you don’t have a large following but want to get found online, create content specifically for YouTube and Pinterest!

Both of these platforms are considered search engines…so whether people are searching on Google or on the platforms themselves, they can potentially find your video-based content – even if you have NO subscribers or followers.

This big content idea presents an amazing opportunity for even the smallest businesses to get found online!

5. Create Empathy-Based Content.

empathy-based content

I’m gonna’ hit you with another stat: Did you know that 95% of consumers are more loyal to brands who are transparent and genuine?

Brands can convey this authenticity through what I like to call “empathy-based content.”

This type of content is in direct contradiction to “salesy” or spammy content that is low-value, and that ONLY seeks to make a sale.

I find people these days are starved for connection.

And this is why they’re so attracted to companies who say what they mean, and mean what they say! In fact, 75% of people will pay MORE to support brands they love.

This is HUGE!

When I look around at successful brands that have highly-engaged followings online, they tend to be the ones who are REAL and genuine in the way they show up and serve.

This is one of the big content ideas that is a great lesson for ALL business owners as we move through 2023!

6. Capitalize On Your Authority Via Influencer Marketing.

There are now over 200 MILLION content creators out there…and this is likely a low estimate. And yet, only 10% of these creators are making 6 figures or more per year.

There are now over 200 MILLION content creators out there…and this is likely a low estimate. And yet, only 10% of these creators are making 6 figures or more per year.Click To Tweet

If you’re reading this post, you may be saying, “Hey, I’m in that remaining 90%!”

Fortunately, the opportunity to capitalize on your authority – even if you have a small community – is huge right now.

With the global influencer market expected to reach a mind-blowing $16.4 BILLION in 2022, there’s never been a better time to capitalize on your authority.

More than ever before, brands are keen to work with small or “micro” influencers, who have as few as 500-1000 followers.

Brands have figured out that micro-influencers tend to have high engagement rates…in many cases, much higher than influencers with huge audiences!

They’ve also figured out that it’s much easier to BORROW your influence, rather than earn it themselves.

This means that ANYONE with a passion and a smartphone can join the so-called “creator economy”!

The problem, of course, is that many people struggle to know how to get started as an influencer.

That’s why, in our Authority Creator™ program, we show you exactly how to start earning $10K/month as a content creator. We show you how to:

Find brands who are looking to work with micro-influencers…

Pitch those brands once you’ve found them…

And know how to price your influence in a way that makes you competitive but that also appropriately values what you’ve built.

Find out more here.

7. Pre-Purpose To Re-Purpose.

For years I’ve been a vocal proponent of repurposing content, and it’s something I’ve done a lot in my own business.

For instance, up until a couple of years ago, I would take my Facebook livestreams and translate them into blog posts or eBooks or YouTube videos.

But you know what? I’ve increasingly found this is JUST NOT ALWAYS EFFECTIVE!

This is because repurposing often doesn’t honor the integrity of the platform it’s being posted on.

Each platform has its own vibe, and trying to take one piece of content and force it to work on multiple platforms often just doesn’t work!

Instead, I’d like to suggest a better strategy you can include in your list of big content ideas.

Rather than trying to create ALL the content in 2023, I’d encourage you to create just 10 pieces of high-quality content.

As you create this content, you’ll PRE-purpose it by looking at it through two lenses:
  1. What questions does your person need answered to make a buying decision? And what words or phrases are they using to get answers to the question you help them solve? And…
  2. What do your people need to BELIEVE in order to make a buying decision?

So, what’s so great about creating content through these two lenses? If you do it right, you create the opportunity for people to make a buying decision in a very short window of time.

But a key part of this strategy is knowing WHERE to post this content.

As we move through 2023, I’d strongly recommend creating this content specifically for YouTube.

As I previously mentioned, you don’t need a big following in order to get found on YouTube. Whether people are searching on Google or on YouTube itself, your content is potentially going to pop up and you’re going to become known as an authority in your space.

And then, once you’ve created content through these two lenses, you can absolutely RE-purpose it. For instance, if you’ve created a video that answers the questions your people are asking, you can turn it into 3 short (19 second!) video clips you can share with the purpose of driving people BACK to your main YouTube video.

See how that works?!

Final Thoughts

I hope this post has given you some direction for your content strategy in 2023. Things are changing folks, and it’s crucial your content strategy keeps up!

I encourage you to tackle at least 3-4 of the strategies above in 2023. Which ones are you going to choose?

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