Chasing Rabbit Trails

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WOW, I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by!

It has been almost 2 months since I shared with you all that I was starting a coaching and apprenticeship program. I had a dream to better serve my audience in a more personal way…share my business and social media skills with those that have businesses that are just starting, struggling a bit or perhaps need a push in the right direction. 

Honestly, I had no idea how wildly successful it would be! It has been a very short period of time and yet the stories that have resulted are simply incredible! I have a thread in the You Can Do Social Media Inner Circle for people to share their successes, both large and small, and we are pushing 300 success stories in the past two months! How incredible is this?!!

I am very serious about helping people grow their skills so that they can own the most successful business possible…after all why own a business that is not successful, right? 

The problem facing many is time…how do you learn it all? Who do you listen to? How do you shorten your learning curve?

It seems many are struggling to find time to do the little things for their businesses and they are not getting beyond those little things. They get stuck in an endless circle of "how do I…?".

What if you could STOP struggling to find the right people and information that you needed to move your business forward and suddenly you had the FREEDOM to move forward on things that are holding you back?

Well, you can!

Once you finally stop following the rabbit trails, embrace the fact that you need to focus on shortening your learning curve and actually building your business, guess what…you start to see REAL results and INCREASED profits in your business.

"The opportunities that have opened up for me in the last few weeks have been amazing. Being chosen as a tech writer for an upcoming magazine, I formed a collaborative partnership with an amazing writer, my Klout score going up 5 points in the last couple weeks, today I just collaborated with a great photographer who asked me to build example WordPress sites for her clients to purchase when they need a new site, and just sent me 4 new customers today alone. I have been asked to host a lunch and learn and another social media workshop for a realty group. It would not have happened if it was not for this group. "~Tony Taylor

"I am very excited to share that on May 9th I have a very important meeting set-up with myself, another social media apprentice and a business with regards to why this business needs social media! I'm very excited about this opportunity and am just SO GRATEFUL for Kim Garst and her leading! Without her and the AMAZING people in her apprenticeship program…there is no way that I would have even of had the guts to step out of my comfort zone to try to make this meeting happen! I'm just thrilled to be surrounded by some amazing people!" ~Jennifer Bennett

"I just received a message from the owner of Practical Social Media University and he'd like me to speak on the national couch call training session next week for Beachbody coaches to explain something about the blog hosting service they use!! Woohooo" ~Michael McDonald

It is happening…for a small group of entrepreneurs!

Your future full of possibilities is waiting for you!

Are you ready to embrace your future and move forward with a plan to create massive opportunities for your business, for yourself and your family? Today is the day.

If you are interested, know you are ready and know it is time to take control of your future…

Scared, hesitant, not quite sure? This is resistance and should be telling you something in and of itself! Take action now…

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12 years ago

Great news Kim! Great to hear you are doing so well in supporting others with their business goals. Especially the stories are so uplifting and love your advice in social media, it is so practical and efficient. People are so lucky to be your clients. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

10 years ago

Kim, this is a great thing to hear about, and I wanted to congratulate you. Social Media is such a huge component of business today. I also think it is fun too! Thanks for all of your tips on your site that I’ve been following, I will definitely look into also jumping into the coaching. Thanks again for all you do!

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