5 Digital Product Examples That Will Inspire You to Create Your Own

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 Are you struggling to make money online?

Want to know how to create something truly valuable that’s irresistible to the people you serve?


Whether you have an online or brick and mortar business, there are only two things you need to make money online. First, you need something that people want. We call this an offer. Second, you need to get your offer in front of the right people; essentially matching up your offer with the people who want it.

That’s it!

In this post, I’m going to show you how to create a mini offer, so you can start generating revenue, FAST. But first…let’s get our terminology straight.

What is a Mini Offer?


Offers are nothing new. Remember back in the day when you could order 12 CDs for a penny? They’d get you in the door with this hugely popular offer, and then you’d be part of their monthly subscription plan where you’d get discounts and other perks.

The point is that they packaged their product up in such a way that it was irresistible to their prospective buyers.

Here’s another example. You know the combos you see on the menu at your favorite fast food place? These are offers. They package things together to make it more attractive for you to purchase items together, rather than individually (thus making them more money!).

You also see a lot of up-sales in the fast food industry: for instance, when they ask, “Would you like fries with that burger?”. They don’t make a lot of money off that burger, but they do make money off the fries.

The point is, we’re surrounded by offers. We just don’t always think of offers when it comes to our own business!

This is a mindset I’d like to shift – because if it works for these big brands, it will work for you. The mentality behind selling is the same, regardless of whether you’re a big brand or a small fish.

So, how do you create an offer?

You’re going to create a package of things that revolve around your product or service, that give additional value, and that make your offer absolutely irresistible to your prospective buyer!

Here’s an example: Let’s say you sell a nutritional supplement and you want to charge $79.97 for it. The problem is, someone on Amazon is selling that exact same supplement for $19.97.

How are you going to remain competitive?

It’s all in how you package up and present your offer. If you want to charge $79.97, then add value to your “offer”. Add a weight loss calculator, weight loss guide, an eBook with tips and strategies, and maybe free shipping.

Which one are people going to buy? They’ll buy the one that has the most perceived value to them, and the best part…they’re willing to pay more for it.

Today, I’m going to show you how to create and launch an offer in the shortest amount of time possible…and that’s through a mini digital product offer.

Unlike the example above, a mini-offer is generally priced less than $50. Rather than offering a freebie (and building a list of freebie-seekers), you start with your low-cost mini-offer.

The first dollar is the hardest one to get; and if you’re selling a low-price offer, people are far more likely to purchase. And once they’ve purchased your mini-offer, they’re in your funnel…which is exactly where you want them!

Speaking of Funnels…

Your sales funnel is the path that leads people from first meeting you, to buying from you.

Your mini-offer will be the very first step on this path.

Traditionally, sales funnels usually started with a free offer (“freebie”) that was given in exchange for an email address. In a way, it was like an ethical bribe!

Once someone opted in for the freebie, they were immediately offered something low-cost…and then shortly after, they were asked to buy something bigger (like a “core offer”).

But there’s a massive shift happening in the online space, and this strategy just isn’t working like it used to. Many people are tired of freebies, and just aren’t willing to trade their email for them, as freely as they used to.

One reason is this: Freebies were typically designed to solve a little bit of a problem. Personally, I would rather pay for something that’s low-cost and that actually gives me results.

And this is exactly what a mini-offer is!

5 Mini Digital Product Offers That Will Inspire You to Create Your Own

Are you getting excited yet?

Ready to create your own mini digital product offer, but aren’t sure where to start? 

Following are 5 mini digital product offer examples that will hopefully give you the inspiration you need to create your offer and get it out into the world ASAP!

1. 31 Creative & Engaging Social Media Post Ideas


This was one of my first sales funnels, and it started with a free offer (originally titled “27 Facebook Post Ideas”). I’ve given it away over 100,000 times now!

A percentage of those who downloaded it bought my mini-course on how to create contagious social media content. I’ve offered that mini-course for anywhere from $7 to $47, and found the conversion rates stayed pretty much the same, no matter what I charged.

All in all, I’ve generated over $750K in sales just from that one product.

When people bought my mini-course (with additional resources), I then upsold them into what is currently my Business Builder’s Academy. The price on this has ranged from $47-$97, and I’ve generated over $1.5 million from that.

In other words, I’ve made over $2 million from that one funnel!

2. 9 Steps to Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile



Here’s one of the most recent offers I’ve built: 9 Steps to Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile. Along with the 9 steps, there’s an optimization checklist that comes included for free.

There’s also an offer bump. You’ve probably seen these before when you buy something online. There’s a little checkbox on the order form that lets people add your “bump” item to their order. The offer bump for this product is 10 Done-For-You LinkedIn Cover Templates.

The reason this works is because the original offer and the bump are focused on one solution. They solve one problem, and they all help shorten the learning curve. My goal is to give them all the steps they need to succeed. The checklist lets them tick things off as they optimize their profile, and the templates save them a ton of time and energy.

3. 100+ Viral Content Templates




I recently came across this offer on my Facebook feed. It sells for $29.99 and is exactly what it says it is: 100+ viral content templates.

Templates and scripts tend to work well, because they’re focused on one solution to one problem that people have. In this case, it’s saving people time and giving them knowledge they didn’t have previously.

It also comes with additional items that increase the perceived valued of the offer: a customer-only Facebook group and some videos tutorials. When people are deciding whether to spend money on this offer or someone else’s, they’ll take these bonuses into account…and will be more likely to buy the one that offers the most value.

4. 800 Ideas to Share to Your IG Stories

There’s a lot of talk about Instagram stories these days, but many people struggle to know how to make the most of them. This mini-offer, 800 Ideas to Share to Your IG Stories, is a “done-for-you” solution to this problem.

They’re taking the guesswork out of the process by giving you story prompts you can basically just cut and paste. Trying to create engagement? There’s a prompt for that. Trying to get a conversion? There’s one for that too.

There’s also a whole slew of bonuses that come with it, including tutorials, videos and a private Facebook group.

5. Go Social Content Club


The last example I'd like to share with you is a digital product that's generated over 6 figures so far from content I already had.

I've been in the social space for years and have created a ton of content along the way, so I know the pain of having to come up with engaging visual content each and every day for all the social platforms. Because I've had a lot of success with visual content that I've created for social media, it got me to thinking about how I could package it up and sell it as a resource. So, I created a monthly subscription called the Go Social Content Club.

The Go Social Content Club works because it's a practically Done-For-You resource that provides gorgeous, easy-to-use visual content that is designed to take the hassle out of content curation and creation. It's a huge time saver for business owners and the bonus material (I would argue) is worth the price of admission alone.

The built-in image editor allows you to brand the images with your own logo so that you can brand, download and “Go Social” in 3 easy steps. Not only that, but each month I throw in some of my top viral content that still performs for me to this day as well as weekly Freebie Friday content. All of these bonuses give a lot of additional value to people and make it a no-brainer purchase.

Think about what YOU may already have in your business that you can re-package and include in an offer.

Ready to Create Your Own Mini Offer?

The nice thing about creating a mini digital offer is that once you’ve done it once, you can do it again and again. 

However, understanding how all the bits and pieces of your mini-offer and funnel work together can be a challenge.

That’s why I created the PDF to Profit training. It’s a 7-day course delivered inside a private Facebook group – and at the of the week, you’ll have created your very own mini digital product and offer.

My team and I are with you throughout the entire week, offering feedback and hands-on help. You don’t have to go it alone!

If I’ve tweaked your interest, and you’re interested in creating your own irresistible offer, this is the fastest and easiest way to do it.

When I started with my first mini-offer, I had no idea that sales funnel would generate in excess of $2 million.

The strategies I teach you in the course have been tested and used over and over again. It’s a rinse and repeat system that starts with a mini digital product and offer…and that’s what I want to help you with.

If you’re ready to create your mini digital product and offer now, you can join PDF to Profit here.

Let’s get your mini-offer created and into the hands of the people who need it!

Are you ready to create a mini digital offer? If not, what’s holding you back? Let me know in the comments below!

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