Don’t Shoot The Messenger…YES, You Can Use Twitter Group DM For Business

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Don’t Shoot The Messenger…YES, You Can Use Twitter Group DM For Business
Don’t Shoot The Messenger…YES, You Can Use Twitter Group DM For Business

Have you heard of Twitter’s GROUP direct messages? You already know about the ability to send private, one-to-one messages – but did you know you can now communicate privately with more than one person on Twitter?

How do Twitter Group DM's work?

Twitter’s group direct messages allow you to invite up to 20 users who follow you to join you in a group conversation. Once you invite someone, they can invite people who follow THEM…even if those users don’t follow you or others in the group. This opens up a whole ream of possibilities for introducing people who may not know each other (and being introduced to people you don’t know).

Within the group, you can share tweets, links, pictures and emojis. This means you no longer have to move conversations off Twitter when you want to converse with more than one person.

A few things you should know about group DM’s:

  • When a user is added to a group conversation, they will receive a notification, and can jump right in.
  • While you can only add your followers to a group DM, the people you add DO NOT need to be following each other.
  • Within the group you can share tweets from your timeline, even if they’re from people who are not part of the group DM.
  • Currently this feature is available using, the Twitter app and Tweetdeck.

How Do I Use Group DM’s For Business?

This feature is brand new, and I am still strategizing all its potential uses but I do think it can be extremely useful for business owners, mostly, in terms of networking, productivity and group collaboration.

Following are 4 ways you can use Twitter group DM’s for your business!

1. Be a business matchmaker.

#FollowFriday is a great way to introduce and help connect your tweeps with one another.

Group DM’ing takes this up a level by allowing you to make private, one-to-one introductions and connections.

For instance, let’s say one of your followers is looking for a new website, and you happen to know a great web designer. Send an introductory Twitter group DM to both people, and let them take it from there.

2. Reach out to groups of brand advocates.

If you have followers who regularly engage with an advocate for your business, reaching out to them via a Twitter group DM can be a great way to converse out of the limelight. Through DM’ing these groups of advocates, you can connect them with one another, and help build a sense community among them (strength in numbers!).

3. Hold group discussions with team members.

If you have multiple team members on Twitter, group DM’s may be a great way to hold informal group discussions (e.g. “How should we respond to that tweet?”).

Group messaging could also potentially be useful for team members to collaborate on projects without having to leave the platform.

4. Continue public conversations in private.

Ever sat back and watched tweets fly back and forth, but did not necessarily want to insert yourself in the conversation?

Group DM’s give you a way to engage with these tweets and topics in a safe, private environment.

Message a handful of tweeps and carry on the conversation – out of the public eye.

Give the 4 ways you can use Twitter group DM’s for your business a try and have some fun with them!

Have you tried out Twitter group DM’s yet? What did you think?

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8 years ago

About time! I have been wondering and and why not for a long time

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