Extreme Mindset Makeover: How to Remodel Your Thoughts

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It’s amazing what new paint and carpet will do for a room. Add custom cabinets and new windows, and you’ve got a complete remodel. In the same way, just a few tweaks to how you think can brighten your life and help you succeed. If you’ve been struggling with discouragement and doubt, you may be due for an extreme mind makeover. Let’s take a look at how to remodel your mindset.

Our minds produce thousands of thoughts every day. Estimates range from 12,000 to 70,000 thoughts running through our heads in a single day! And it seems that often our thoughts are spring-loaded to negative. When is the last time you thought about the great vacation you had last year, or how your Twitter following has grown? More than likely you’ve spent more time focusing on your issues from childhood or fretting that your following isn’t growing fast enough.

And since thoughts are like a thermostat that regulates what we accomplish, we can’t afford to let them stay on the negative side. We are actually a product of our thoughts, so it’s time to take responsibility for the product we’re creating.

Tools for Your Extreme Mindset Makeover

If you’re ready to do a little remodeling project on your thoughts, here are some helpful gadgets for your toolbox:

Positive input. Make sure you’re getting plenty of positive input pouring into your mind. Seek helpful, encouraging influences through many avenues: books, audios, mentors, courses, even the music you listen to.

Supportive people. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people. If someone is affecting you negatively, find a way to spend less time with them. If you’re in a situation that you can’t change, don’t own their problems and be sure to shore yourself up with people who influence you in a beneficial way.

Self-Awareness. Thinking—without thinking—will lead you where you didn’t want to go. Staying aware of your thoughts and their effect on you is the first step and half the battle.

Having a mentor or coach. Being in a healthy mentoring relationship can help you remodel your thoughts much faster. A good mentor or coach is someone who has learned the value of good thinking themselves. They can spot areas where you are limiting yourself or going down a negative road of thinking and help you turn around.

Blueprints for Remodeling Your Thoughts

Once you get started on your extreme mind makeover, you’ll want to follow these blueprints:

• Reject every negative thought when it FIRST appears. Change the thought channel, flip the switch, give yourself some encouraging input, think the opposite.

• Take the offensive, don’t be passive. Refuse and resist!

• Don’t get stuck in analysis. Trying to figure out why you’re thinking the way you think can keep you feeling helpless and hopeless.

• Immerse yourself in the work. Be creative, think about “how,” take action.

Action Steps for Your Mindset Makeover

Finally, here are some practical action steps for your mind makeover project:

  • Realize that you can often tell what you’ve been thinking by how you feel. Do you feel confident? Do you feel fearful? It’s related to your thoughts.
  • Choose ONE thing you’re feeling negative emotions about.
  • Immediately reject any negative thoughts about that one thing as they come up. Repeat.
  • Seek positive input to support the ways of thinking that you want in that area.

Nobody said that a remodeling project is easy. It can get dusty, dirty and confusing. Sometimes it ends up taking longer than planned, but the final product is worth the effort. Start knocking down the walls of negative thinking and remodel your mind!

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Cristi Grimes
Cristi Grimes
10 years ago

Great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It helps me a lot to motivate more and the things that I want to achieve.

Mohammad Reza
Mohammad Reza
9 years ago

Thanks for this piece, I have known you and your blog about subjects of marketing, social media and …, but that was something of surprise and useful. Thanks!

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