How To Get More Leads on Twitter

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Its one thing to have a lot of followers on Twitter, but it takes a new level of engagement to turn your followers into leads that generate sales for your business.

Here are 7 ways you can increase your leads on Twitter…

1.  Add a Hot Link to Improve the Bio section of your profile

Everyone knows that Twitter gives you a space to add your website URL; however, not everyone knows that you can now add a second link in the 160 characters of your "Bio". 

Since you can now add a second link, it is time to be strategic.  Create a shortened link that sends people to your Free Opt-In webpage.  This way you can directly generate leads from Twitter

To add the Hot Link, first click on the person icon (next to the blue quill icon) in the top right hand corner of the Twitter page.  Next, choose "View my profile page".  Then, click on the gray and black "edit your profile" button in the top right hand corner.  In the bio section, you can now include a link. 

It is best to include a short link since you only have 160 characters.

2.  Create a custom About Page

Where Twitter allows you to add your website address in your profile, you want to be more strategic than simply adding your homepage URL. 

Instead, it is in your best interest to create a custom landing page on your website for your Twitter followers.  Then, when a follower clicks on your website link, they will discover that you've created a page just for them.

This shows that you have taken the time to customize their experience on your website and immediately improves your "know, like, trust factor". 

Additionally, when you welcome them to your website (on the customized page) you have another opportunity to tell them about a relevant free offer.  Since they just came from Twitter, be sure to explain why someone who is Twitter-savvy would want your free offer. Personalizing can go a long way in building leads!

3.  Search for tweets that are "requesting recommendations"

I'm sure you've probably seen a few "requesting recommendation" tweets since you began your journey on Twitter.  There are always people looking for recommendations on who to hire for this project or that. 

Now, you can see if anyone is requesting recommendations in your field by using the Advanced Search feature on Twitter.  See picture below.

Description: Advanced Search Twitter.png


Two fields you want to be sure to fill in are: "All of these words", and "Written In".  You may be tempted to fill in "near this place" however, unless it is absolutely necessary, don't.  The search will exclude more than you might want when you narrow the location beyond language.

Then, when you find someone on Twitter looking for a recommendation in your field, it is time to introduce yourself.  For example you might say, "@namehere I would love to help out your friend.  I have a lot of great Social Media programs that he/she might like."

4.  Rotate your Twitter Profile Picture, Bio and Profile Design –

By rotating your Twitter profile picture, bio and design, you better express yourself to your followers.  As long as there is a common thread throughout each of your designs, your followers will come to know more about you.  This again increases your "know, like and trust factor."

Likewise, it peaks people's curiosity.  They are more likely to click through to your profile page on Twitter and see what you have going on there, if you change it frequently.  Otherwise, they will only see your tweets in their newsfeed. 

The more frequently followers visit your profile page; the more likely they are to join one of your lists and become a true lead.

5.  Keep your posts short enough to retweet

Having your tweets retweeted is a key way to get in front of more potential followers and leads.  Thus, it is in your best interest to make it easy for your current followers to retweet you.

To do this, you need to consider the length of your username plus the phrase "RT: @".  For example, mine would look like: "RT: @kimgarst".  Therefore, I need to subtract at least 13 characters from the 140character max, each time I write a tweet. 

Ideally, keep your tweets between 100-120 characters because this allows your followers the opportunity to add their own reaction when they retweet your tweet.  A followers reaction AND a retweet is like an endorsement or testimonial because the follower is in effect saying "hey I like this tweet so much I'm going to retweet it AND tell you why."  A reason why is powerful! More people will sit up and pay attention!

6. Post Genuine Follow Friday #FF Tweets

It can be tempting to mention 10 tweeps in one #FF tweet.  But, this helps no one, nor does it feel personal. 

Rather, pick one or two followers that you engage with on Twitter and share why you find their connection valuable.   They are more likely to retweet your #FF mention of them and recommend you to others.

7. It's a PARTY on Twitter

As you build a community on Twitter, host an 30min to hour-long Twitter party.  This can be especially useful if you have a product launch, or new series coming up.

To set up a Twitter party, decide upon a short and relative #hashtag that “partiers” can use to communicate with you. 

Pre-sell the party by hosting an interview(s) or Q & A session.  Also, be sure to put each attendees name into a hat for a free copy of your latest product. Then, have fun answer questions, giving away prizes, offering discounts, and promoting your products.


What do you think?  Which step will you implement this week?

What do you find helpful towards generating leads on Twitter?


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Dr. Sarah David
Dr. Sarah David
11 years ago

Love all of your great tips Kim!  I like that there is a hot link for the profiles.  Thanks for sharing!

Susan Preston
Susan Preston
11 years ago

Amazing tips, Kim! I bookmarked this and will be sharing this with others on my social networks. Thanks 🙂

Matt Brennan
Matt Brennan
11 years ago

Some good tips here. I just wrote a guest blog for a friend about the same subject, and covered many different tips to up your Twitter business. Goes to show you that there are a lot! I wrote about utilizing the search feature, making the most of lists, and using outside platforms to get a targeted following. 

10 years ago

Thank you Kim for these wonderful tips , i am always reading your newsletter , following your tweets and get much benefit from

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