How To STOP Exchanging Time For Money!

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Would you like to know how to make more money from your website without always having to exchange your time for money? 

Bet that got your attention, right?

One of the best ways to break the ceiling on what you're earning in your business now is to be able to multiply the effects of your effort. 

And I'm not talking about cloning (though honestly, some days, the idea seems tempting)!

One of the best ways to multiply the effects of your work is to create what's called passive income.  This is income that, once you've laid the foundation, earns income for you repeatedly.  Income you don't have to market and labor for each time someone wants your product. 

In the world of online business, creating information products, especially in the form of eBooks and special reports is one of the easiest ways to leverage your time, using what you already know and packaging it for repeat purchase by people who are interested in the information and skills you've invested time and money to learn. 

Just to give you an example, my highly successful Twitter Muscle program, designed to pump up your Twitter following is one of my most successful information products – hardly a day goes by that someone doesn't sign up to learn how to consistently and effectively boost their number of Twitter followers – and it's income earned from time spent months ago!

I know, though, that for many people, the idea of writing consistent blog posts, much less a longer information product or eBook seems like a scary proposition, and one that's too hard to start, let alone finish.

But I want success and profits for you in your business. So I have information from a professional writer you can use NOW to get over this hump!


I'd like to introduce you to a talented and successful author, publisher, and coach for people interested in creating their own written products, Kristen Eckstein.  She brings a unique knowledge of the publishing industry, having worked for both traditional and vanity publishers and having run her own publishing house since 2003.  She's written six books and is the creator of the I Am Published! Program, the Finish the Book! Writing course, and 21 Ways book series. 

If anyone can get you over the hump of starting, working on, and finishing that information product I know you're already imagining, I'm confident that Kristin is the one!

I asked if she might give my readers a few tips for the hardest parts of writing an eBook or information product.  Tips that can be implemented right away, without any other information required. 

Since helping people get finished and be successful is her thing, she was more than happy to share. 

Kristen's Tips for Taking your eBook from Page One to Page Done!

“If getting started is your tough spot, here are 3 strategies to use today:

Look at what you've already done. If you've been writing for an e-zine or blog for a year or longer, you have a ton of content that probably has a larger audience than the people on your email list.                            

If you're a speaker, record one of your talks and get it transcribed. Use that for the basis of your manuscript. 

If you're asked the same questions over and over and over, start writing down the answers. For each person who asks a question, ten more people usually have that same question. Answer enough questions and you have enough material for a book.”

And if you've had a project started, but its gathering dust on your desk and you just never get around to finishing it?  Kristin has a tip for you too!

What is your number 1 secret for actually finishing an eBook?

“To me, finishing an eBook and print book is the same problem. I'm a batch writer, meaning I work best when I can devote several hours straight to writing. I rarely sit down and say, “I'm going to write an article.” It's usually, “I'm going to write as many articles as I have ideas on these sticky notes” and the pile of stickies reaches about an inch high.

Some people do better scheduling a set time and writing for 30 minutes a day. Some, like me, would rather take a working vacation to the beach and crank out as much as possible in two or three days. I prefer this batching method because it keeps me focused and away from normal distractions of work, Facebook and email.”

Taking your ideas from your head to published form takes time and determination, but I'm here to tell you that if done right, the payoff can be huge!  My book ‘The Quick and Easy Guide To Branding Your Business and Creating Massive Sales With Pinterest’ has sold over 900 copies!

This is the #1 reason why I've invited Kristen to be one of the featured speakers at Social Boom this month, and I can't wait to see how her information can revolutionize your profit streams the way it has boosted mine! 

Social Boom is the highly anticipated Social Media Marketing event of the year.  Featuring speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, myself, sales strategist Terry Williamson, and many  more, it promises to pack a punch for your business, giving you take away strategies you can use the minute you get home to boost your bottom line.

With speakers like Kristen, I just know that the value the event could bring your business is astounding. 

If you have registered, make sure you do SOON! Tickets are going fast and I want you to be there!

Sure hope I'll see you there!

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Thanks Mary Ellen!

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