How To Create Pinterest Images That People Love to Share

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Would you like to create images that are re-pinned and liked by tons of people on Pinterest? Would you like to see huge amounts of traffic clicking through to your website?

If you answered yes to either of the questions above, then you are in the right place. 

Pinterest continues to be the fastest growing social media platform and is highly engaging. Over 80% of its users are female and of that eighty percent, 50% are moms.  Therefore, the women found on Pinterest make up the most powerful consumer demographic no the internet. 

However the KEY is to have a pinnable image.  This means an image that stands out and intrigues the follower.  Check out these tips to creating a pinterest image people love to share and watch your business grow!

1. The Right Size!

Make sure that your Pinterest Image is the correct size. Have you ever clicked on the thumbnail of a Pinterest photo only to realize it is MORE blurry when enlarged?  Do you then click away? This is because whoever pinned it did not make the picture the right size.

When you create images for your website or products, keep in mind their pinnability. This means you want to make images no wider than 554 pixels.  Any wider and Pinterest will automatically resize it. This means that images could look distorted or blurry.

2.  Tell People What They Are Getting ON The Image 

If you are going to pin a picture, it is also helpful to include text that explains what they are going to ‘get' when they click on the photo. See the example below.  The image includes the title of the blog post and people know exactly what they are going to see when they click on the graphic…”5 More SEO Tips To Keep Blogging Your Way To The Top”. 

 5 More SEO Tips To Keep Blogging Your Way to the Top

If you don't know how to add text to your pictures then I suggest you check out PicMonkey! is a great website where you can upload an image for free.  Then, you can edit the photo and add text very easily.  The best part about PicMonkey is that the pictures come out looking very professional

Likewise, the text in the picture above is clear. It is bold, simple and leads to a great call to action (the arrow).  You don’t want to be too wordy in your pictures.

3.  Add Your Name or Company Logo

Brand your pictures. Don't wait for people on Pinterest to click through to find out where the image is going to take them.  Let people know upfront who you are, or which company picture they are looking at.

This may also become a reason people click through. If they see your company logo on the front of a Pinterest picture they may think, “Wow. I always love their blogs. Let me check this out.”

A suggestion for adding your name or logo to a picture is either or insert the picture to powerpoint. Then, add your name and take a picure of both using a program like Jing.

**Just be sure the picture is the right width for pinterest.

4.  Take Notice 

Look at what Pinterest images catch your attention on Pinterest. Chances are that the people in your niche (ideal clients anyway) will be attracted to similar photos.  You can use this knowledge to help give you inspiration for your own pictures.

5.  Use keyword phrases in your description

If you pin a picture on Pinterest without any tags then you are casting your picture into the wide abyss called ‘neverbefoundland'.

It is very easy to search on Pinterest and many do.  However, when Pinterest pulls back its results, you will only see pictures that have appropriate hashtags (example #socialmedia) keyword phrases. 

For example, if you sell inspirational quotes and upload a bunch of pictures of your inspirational quotes without tagging them with keyword phrases that others tend to be searching for, they will NOT show up in the search results.

Be sure to hashtag all pictures with keyword phrases.

6.  Stand Out!

It can be very easy to let your pictures blend into the sea of pictures on Pinterest. This reflects the same principle as boring posts being swallowed by Facebook. You want your pictures to capture people's attention.

To do this pin emotional pictures or humorous pictures or controversial pictures. Pinterest is first and foremost a social media site.  Therefore, it is key that you build engagement and there is no greater way to build engagement than with a great photo!

What are you doing to have your pictures on Pinterest stand out?

Which of these tips will you apply?

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Cathie Crow
Cathie Crow
11 years ago

I have been told the width for photos should be 600 pixels.

Kim Garst
Reply to  Cathie Crow
11 years ago

554 is stated clearly on Pinterest’s web page.

10 years ago

Thank you Kim. I love to found this blog as a great resource for social media tactics. Its really awesome.

10 years ago

It is nice way to optimize the pictures. One of best way to drive traffic and seo strategy.

9 years ago

I am working for a client who is from recipe niche. I am going to implement these ideas and see improvement in results. Thanks Kim for sharing these tips. Looking forward to read more articles from you.

Edson Felipe Benicio
Edson Felipe Benicio
3 years ago

great tips, congratulations and thanks

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