How to Love Your Life (and Work) NOW Rather Than Later

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Do you look forward to the day when you’ll love your life and work? You just know that you’ll be happier when certain things change and you reach a particular income level. Boy, that day will be great, won’t it? But wait—what about NOW, in the meantime, today, this week? Deep down you know that you don’t want to wait to love what you’re doing and how you’re living.

But let’s admit that changing our circumstances and achieving goals takes time. Meanwhile, we have to live life just as it is today, and sometimes that’s a challenge. It may seem pretty hard to love your life and work when you’re caught up in the daily grind. Happiness and satisfaction seem reserved for the distant future. The truth is, we create that expectation by:

  • Seeing daily tasks as obstacles to avoid rather than opportunities to seize. We often view everyday work as something to hide from and avoid.
  • Continuing in learned behavior. We grew up with parents who celebrated Friday and dreaded Monday. Our friends complain about their jobs and their boss. We allow ourselves to create mental associations of stress and overwhelm with our tasks.
  • Having a “My Life Stinks” attitude. Focusing on the stuff we don’t like and the negative what-ifs builds a woe-is-me perspective that carries over into everything we do.
  • Not understanding that daily thoughts and actions create the future. Indeed, our previous thoughts and actions created what we are living today.

How to Love Your Life (and Work) NOW Rather Than Later

Begin with the end and ask yourself this question:

Does what you’re doing now lead to what you want in your life and work?

Let’s pretend that you have a vision for your life and you’ve set some goals to reach that vision. On the way to your goals there are everyday tasks to accomplish, right? It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that consistent, decidedly unglamorous actions add up.

And the fact is, in order to do what you love, you have to do things you don’t love. Loading the dishwasher isn’t the most fun you’ve ever had, but a clean kitchen is pleasant. Writing blog posts every week isn’t always convenient or easy, but creating a blog with devoted followers is awesome.

You can choose to attach fresh new meaning and purpose to what you’re doing now. Keeping the bigger purpose in mind will help your perspective. Focus on the fact that your everyday tasks are creating what you truly want.

A shift in how you view the daily grind can turn it into daily growth. In fact, let’s stop attaching labels to our daily life—no more “back to the grind, “I hate my job,” “my boss is a jerk,” “Oh no, it’s Monday,” “Yay, it’s Friday,” or “I live for weekends.” Creating those kinds of associations with work and life in your mind do affect your attitude and actions. There may be some truth in those statements, but focusing on the negative doesn’t make Monday go away or help you love how you spend it.

Practical Action Steps to Help You Love Your Life (and Work) Now Rather Than Later

  • Stop the negative thoughts and words about your life and work. Quit complaining and focusing on what’s wrong—speak about what’s good.
  • View your daily tasks as opportunities to pursue rather than obstacles to avoid.
  • Envision yourself doing those daily tasks well—don’t save vision for the long-term!
  • Count your blessings and be grateful every day for breath and life!

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Lianne-Carla Savage
Lianne-Carla Savage
10 years ago

Great advice. It’s so easy to get tied up in thoughts of “someday” or striving for something external that you think will make you happy and not realising that adding a little bit of happiness to everything you do and appreciating whatever you have and every bit of progress you make is where happiness comes from

Holly Jean
Holly Jean
10 years ago

Loving the practical action steps!!

Vicky Savellis-Grant
Vicky Savellis-Grant
10 years ago

Great article Kim. I love the fresh new meaning and purpose approach. Thank you!

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