How to Use AWeber’s New APP To Insert Your FREE Offer Into Your Facebook Fan Page

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How to Use AWeber's New APP To Insert Your FREE Offer Into Your Facebook Fan Page

Start building your email list right from within your Facebook fan page using aWeber's new APP! Facebook is the most highly trafficked social media platform and is second only to Google in overall traffic. Your prospects are on Facebook! It is a proven fact that people trust personal recommendations over brands so how can you tap into both and use this to build your email list? You fan page is a great place to start. If someone recommends you on Facebook, chances are that recommendation will come with some information about you, your fan page or your personal profile. You want to be able to capture those that visit your fan page so that you can communicate with them at a later point and time. The best way to get those who visit your fan page to readily share their email address with you is to offer them something that is valuable to them and, this is the best part, make it FREE! People love free things and they are willing to share their email address with you in exchange for something that they consider valuable to them. This video will share how you can use aWeber's new Facebook APP to insert a free offer into your fan page so that you can start building your list.


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12 years ago

One more reason I really need to look into Aweber.  It's on my list; maybe it needs to move up a few notches.

Lorii Abela
Lorii Abela
12 years ago

I really should try using that new app now… 🙂

Julie Weishaar
Julie Weishaar
12 years ago

Hi Kim – thanks for the info. I have been trying to use Constant Contact app – they are having some "technical difficulties".

11 years ago

You set up an account, establish your free offer and connect the two together in aweber. It’s a little difficult to explain in a few words. aWeber actually has excellent tutorials.

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