A Review of Simply Measured’s new Facebook Page Insight Report

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simply-measured-piSimply Measured, the social media analytics company founded in 2010 in Seattle, has recently added an amazing new product to their line of social media marketing tools. Called the Facebook Insights with Ads Report, it gives page owners a holistic view of how their Facebook fan page is performing – addressing the age-old problem of attributing success to organic vs. paid media. This new tool breaks down activities like engagement, impressions, negative feedback, etc. into easily understandable graphs and charts.

 Simply Measured The amount of data Simply Measured gives page owners is enormous

Insights helps both casual and business oriented individuals get a better understanding of the hows, whos, whys and even whens of their page's views and activity. Simply Measured's Facebook Insights with Ads report will soon become a new standard for social media analytics. Before we dive into our review of the report, let’s take a hard look at Simply Measured.

The Simply Measured Interface

Simply Measured is incredibly user-friendly. It's obvious that Simply Measured took into consideration the needs of its less technological savvy clients in making this tool. The fact that no input is required in order to see information (it's all displayed under each tabs) gives this tool immense usability. It eliminates confusion and frustration by offering all the data at once, instead of requiring the customer to know what exactly they're looking for beforehand. This opens new possibilities by offering information that the page owner may not have even thought about researching like negative feedback and on which days the page receives the most activity, for example. With this one program, Simply Measured has offered page owners new levels of marketability and insight.

Simply Measured’s Visuals

Simply Measured’s graphics are done quite well. The color-coded graphs are beautiful and informative. Set against a black background, they display page activity in a way that's eye-pleasing as well as eye-catching. The contrasting colors used in the various bar graphs, lists, pie charts and line graphs make the information stand out, allowing customers to take a quick look at data, instead of tediously combing through boring number lists.

Simply Measured 2The color choices are always picked well, making the information “pop out”

The fashion in which the Facebook Insights with Ads report displays fan page information gives the customer the option of seeing a quick run down of their page's activity or an in-depth look at the actual numbers and statistics of their page, if they so please. The visual aspects are one of the best successes of this report.

Advantages of Using the Facebook Insights with Ads Report

This ambitious new report gives fanpage creators several advantages that no other marketing tool has done before. Simply Measured's new tool is a huge asset for any page owner. It lets them know not only the amount of activity their page is experiencing but it also lets them know which type of content is driving the bottom line—paid or organic.

Simply Measured 3The graphs and charts are incredibly informative and easy to understand

This offers paying page owners useful information with which to decide how best to market their page. This can save the page owners time and money that would’ve been spent determing how successful their paid endeavors are in reaching potential online customers. It also helps simple fan page owners and community managers by letting them know how successful they are at generating organic views such as shares, likes and comments about their pages.

The knowledge given about a particular page is in-depth, useful and actionable. All the information within the Facebook Insights with Ads Report gives page owners is a huge advantage to determining how to make their pages attract the eyes of the Facebook community, whether that be through organic or paid media. It is a must have for any serious Facebook marketer.

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Jade Furubayashi
Jade Furubayashi
10 years ago

Hey Kim, Thanks for this fantastic review! We’re so happy you had the time to dive into the product. Enjoy all the data!

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