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Did you know that of women in the United States who make six figure incomes, more than 85% of them are in network marketing?

That's a pretty powerful statistic, don't you think? And with people such as Donald Trump, Guy Kawasaki, and others suggesting that network marketing is an effective way to leverage your time and earn a sizeable income, it's not surprising that the Direct Selling Association (DSA) reported U.S. total sales increasing between 2010 and 2011 from $28.56 billion to $29.87 billion, and an outpacing of the gross domestic product (GDP) by 0.7%, according to the DSA 2011 Annual Growth and Outlook Survey. 

With so many people being downsized from traditional jobs, it's not surprising that growing a business at home becomes an attractive option. And network marketing, sometimes referred to as "micro-franchising" can have fairly low set up costs and a very structured set of instructions to begin a business. This can be an easy option to begin for someone who is new to the journey of entrepreneurship.

But one of the things you hear commonly from people looking for network marketing success is that after you've talked to you initial group of friends and family about whatever your newest product or service is, "how do I find new prospects?" 

In the past 40 years of direct sales and network marketing success around the world, techniques have been similar to traditional marketers, even if on a smaller scale. Maybe you put a drawing box in a health club if you market health shakes or cosmetics. Or a flyer on a bulletin board at church if you're marketing products for a creative products company.

That's about the extent of targeted network marketing success in the past, isn't it?

Social Media for Network Marketing Success

I've been talking with one of my apprentices lately, Stacy Stevens – one of the top marketers in a health and wellness oriented network marketing. She came to me to learn how to use social media for network marketing success and she has simply revolutionized her business building efforts in a very short amount of time!

In a short 22 months, Stacy has leveraged social media for her network marketing business, building an organization of over 58,000 PEOPLE with over 1.8 MILLION a MONTH in SALES

Who wouldn't want to know her secrets, right? 

The biggest 'secret', according to Stacy? In her own words,

"Learning social media for network marketing success has changed the way I work. I used to hop in the car and drive off to meet new people interested in what I have to offer. Some days were good, others a bust. With social media, they're coming to me, and not just locally!"

Catch that last part? With social media, her ideal customer is coming to her.

Sound interesting? Think this would boost your business if you knew how she was doing this?

Once upon a time, I read a marketing textbook in college that made a pretty bold statement. It said that marketing existed to provide a benefit to customers. At the time, I was fairly new to business knowledge, and I'd seen some pretty self-centered marketing. It was hard to take that statement at face value, honestly!

But these days I believe this with all I am! 

In a nutshell, social media makes it possible to find your ideal customer with astonishing accuracy. Your ideal prospect is the person who actively wants what your provide. You solve their pain point and they NEED what you are offering! So when you've figured out your niche and positioned yourself via social media for network marketing success to provide that particular product or service for the people looking for it, naturally, when they find you, you are meeting a need that they have!

The tools of social media make it possible to find the customers who are already looking for what you sell, and provide it to them. And geography isn't a limitation any longer. Is that the stuff of a network marketer's dream, or what?

The beauty of network marketing isn't just trading time for money when you sell product, though. It's also about leveraging and replicating your efforts through team building. Stacy had this to say about how social media for network marketing success has changed the ease with which she builds her team:

"I've built out organizations in Australia and Canada, and I've never left my office to work with those people. I was afraid to bring people on board that lived a long way from me in the beginning. I was happily surprised to find that in my business, my hardest and fastest workers I've found through social media, and I've coached them just as effectively as my local team."

Stacy's business has been BOOMING since I began working with her. She is rapidly closing in on the very TOP compensation level that her particular company offers, and I couldn't be more proud of the way she has learned to leverage social media for network marketing success! 

As we finished our conversation, Stacy asked if I'd share the following with you all:

Stacy's Top 3 Tips for Network Marketing Success

1. Brand YOU!

2. Get Started Getting 'Social' on Social Media.

3. Come to Social Boom.

In case you've missed it, Social Boom is the premiere social media management seminar of the year! It's happening September 22-23 in Tampa, Florida, and promises to deliver the knowledge you need NOW to attract your ideal client and BOOST your BUSINESS PROFITS like never before.

I'm so excited – Stacy has agreed to share her knowledge with attendees at Social Boom! If you want to know how she has built an organization of over 58,000 with over 1.8 million in monthly sales volume, come on out! Her talk, Social Media Direct Sales Secrets is bound to be a favorite with attendees looking to social media for network marketing success themselves! 

Have you registered for Social Boom yet? Tickets are going fast now, and I'd sure hate for you to miss out <grin>!

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Kerry Postel
Kerry Postel
11 years ago

Love this article and hearing about Stacy. Cannot wait for Social Boom to hear more from Stacy and everyone else that is speaking!

11 years ago

They need to be if they aren’t 😉

Briiann Dawson
Briiann Dawson
9 years ago

Hi Kim, I just wondered if you could source that statistic about 80% of women earning 6 figure income are in network marketing….as I have some skeptic friends that don’t believe it …and are trying to source it!

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