10 Ways Small Businesses Can Use AI to Grow Their Business

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Wondering how to quickly and easily grow your small business? Well listen up, 'cause your new secret weapon is (drumroll please)…AI!


Now I know some of ya'll think AI is confusing techno-jargon and maybe it's a bit scary to embrace it. Take it from me…embracing AI can be like getting a mastermind creative partner for your business – without the big price tag! As a fellow entrepreneur, I'm always looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. And using AI has been an absolute game-changer for me.

If you want to grow your business to the next level, integrating AI can make it happen!

Here are 10 tips to put AI to work for your business:

1. AI-Powered Brainstorming: Unleash YOUR Creativity


Are you feeling uninspired and stuck for new ideas? Brainstorming is the catalyst for innovation, and AI can be the spark that ignites your creativity AND save you tons of time in the process. Moreover, AI-powered brainstorming tools like Claude.ai and ChatGPT can assist you and/or your small but mighty team in generating fresh ideas by analyzing data and trends. If you want to see a comparison between these two tools, go here.

AI can combine concepts in novel ways and build upon your inputs to ideate intelligently. This helps small businesses overcome creative blocks and come up with fresh perspectives.

For example:

John, the owner of a small gourmet chocolate shop, utilized ChatGPT to generate creative new product ideas, aiming to attract more customers. To begin, he had ChatGPT analyze industry trends, leading to the proposal of 50 novel concepts, including holiday gift baskets. Excited by the potential, John selected these ideas to pursue further. Next, he employed ChatGPT's specific gift box and pricing suggestions, which allowed him to successfully launch high-end chocolate truffle gift boxes just in time for the holiday season. As a result, the newly AI-ideated gift boxes contributed to a remarkable 32% increase in sales. This case illustrates how small businesses can leverage AI brainstorming to develop innovative, revenue-boosting products tailored to meet their customers' needs.

Here's an awesome brainstorming prompt to give you a jumping off point!

For the next 15 minutes or so, let's fire up our brains and go wild throwing out any idea that comes to mind for [topic]. Build off each other, and remember the crazier the better! Let's challenge ourselves to come up with a ton of creative, outside-the-box, even a bit crazy ideas. No holding back! To start, let's each come up with 3 initial ideas before building off each other. Remember the point is to be open to any idea now – we'll sort through them later. Nothing is too silly or over the top! Listen closely to each other's ideas and see if they spark new directions. Let's capture the ideas in writing/visually as we go, as this could lead to new connections. Once we've put a ton of ideas on the table, let's review them together and highlight the ones that jump out as having the most potential. As we do, keep asking questions and riffing on each other's concepts – those conversations can spark new directions and combinations that take the ideas to the next level. The key is to keep the brainstorming session fluid and energetic. By bouncing ideas off each other, we can come up with creative solutions we would never think of individually. The wilder the idea the better – those oddball ones sometimes lead to major breakthroughs! Let's keep going until our time is up. Ready, set…brainstorm!


2. Market Research Made Easy with AI

When it comes to making money in our businesses, we often skip some major steps in the process because we just want to get to the money already, right? I know you're excited to stop over-researching and finally launch that amazing new business concept. However, it's essential to take a moment and pause, just for a sec…

Leaping in blind is for newbies! As an entrepreneurs, we know assumptions won't cut it anymore.

In today's fast-paced business landscape, you need hard data to compete. Relying on guesses instead of insights is risky!

The good news is AI tools now make digging into market research simple and budget-friendly!

Feed your business details into tools like Claude or ChatGPT. Let these AI genies data mine faster than tech on steroids!

Customized Report in Just Hours

In just hours, you’ll get a customized report covering everything you need to know: customer preferences, pricing, locations, competition – the works!

This intel used to require weeks of work and big bucks. But AI levels the playing field for scrappy entrepreneurs. WHOOP!

Trust me, savvy research separates thriving biz owners from wannapreneurs.

Say you're prepping to open a cute new cupcake shop…

Feeding your business plan details into one of these tools lets it analyze local demographics, search trends, competition, and even consumer conversations.

In a few hours, it can deliver a detailed report on the most popular cupcake flavors, pricing analysis, high-traffic locations, and creative recommendations on how to differentiate.

This actionable intel would take weeks for human researchers to produce. But AI market research tools create customized reports tailored to your business for minimal cost.

Market research is no longer a luxury reserved for big corporations. With user-friendly AI processes, any small business can gain data-driven clarity before making critical growth decisions. These virtual advisors level the playing field so you can confidently turn your dreams into thriving ventures.

Pro Tip: Combine AI-generated data with your CREATIVITY and EXPERTISE for a winning market research strategy for your business!

3. Let AI Give Your Ideas Marketing Punch

I know sometimes your creative genius is flowing and new ideas are brewing non-stop. Other times, you get stuck in a rut and innovations dry up, am I right?

But here’s the thing: you can’t trust your gut to know which brainstorms will really blow up your biz. Relying on emotions can be unreliable at best.

Enter AI…

This brainiac can validate your lightbulb ideas faster than a startup hipster can say “innovation.” Feed ChatGPT or Claude your new product or service concepts and it'll instantly size up the market potential, trends and competition. In just hours, you'll know if it's a hero or zero!

AI gives your ideas the marketing juice and strategic direction to crush the game. Never second guess yourself again – let data guide your creativity into victory!

Don’t keep your genius locked up in your mind. Combine human originality with AI validation and your next big breakthrough will unfold.

For example:

Let’s say you own a rockin’ vegan restaurant. Give ChatGPT or Claude your idea to launch plant-based meal kits for busy families.

It’ll scan industry trends, search volume, competition, social chatter, the works – in minutes! ChatGPT or Claude lets you know the meal kit concept has big potential to drive revenue. Cha-ching!

Or maybe you own a boutique facing slowing sales. ChatGPT or Claude can also suggest complementary products that’ll wow your customers.

You provide info on your current inventory and target audience. ChatGPT or Claude churns the data and proposes adding natural beauty products. Smart!

Small biz owners who harness AI idea capabilities will give their competition whiplash. These tools empower you to quickly validate ideas and uncover new opportunities.

Trust me, data-driven innovation beats guessing games every time. Now quit dreaming and start doing! Pump out the next big thing with AI at your fingertips. You got this!!

Pro Tip: Don't rely solely on AI-generated ideas; add your unique creativity and expertise to make the content truly yours!

4. Use AI for Your Business to Create Social Media Buzz and Showcase Your Expertise


Do you want your social media to grab attention and showcase your knowledge?

Pumping out posts feels like playing roulette. You might win big or crap out and waste precious time. Those crickets are real!

Instead, make AI your content sidekick and put it to work researching exactly which topics will blow up based on your audience, their problems and what they want to achieve by working with you.

AI can scan your customers’ interests, questions, and knowledge gaps to ID viral content themes. Backed by data, not guesses!

Then you can have AI create killer content in your own voice that highlights your expertise and experience.

For example: a money coach, AI may whip up tips for getting rich quick using proven tactics. Ca-ching!

Once you have the initial output, refine the draft by adding your secret sauce. Schedule that baby and watch the comments, likes, and shares pour in!

With AI, you’ll publish relevant authority-building content quickly AND easily. No more late nights struggling over what to post!

Arm yourself with AI-generated insights to totally own the social media game. Consistently spread your influence and expertise far and wide!

Pro Tip: Review and edit AI-generated content to ensure it aligns perfectly with your brand's tone and voice.

5. Let AI Map Out Your Next Blog, Presentation or Course

Struggling to map out new blogs, webinars, or online courses that highlight your expertise? I feel you. Trying to come up with content from scratch can be seriously frustrating!

But pump the brakes before you throw in the towel! You have a new BFF…it's called AI and it's got your creation back. It’ll help you outline content that establishes serious authority!

Tell AI your content topic and goals, and its super-brain will design the perfect structure to showcase your genius. Killer intro, sections, graphics, transitions – bam!

Wanna develop a webinar? AI will create slides that flaunt your skills and make you look like an industry icon. Give it your presentation objective and audience, and it'll design impactful slides to wow and convert the viewers!

Launching an online course soon? AI will blueprint a curriculum highlighting your wisdom from A to Z. You’ll sound like the master you are! It will create a rock-solid curriculum outline from your course title and description alone. BOOM!

With the right AI-generated frameworks, you skip the tedious pre-creation work and can dive right into creating! More time to share your brilliance, less time struggling. Oh and did I mention…AI will also help you write course content scripts so all you have to do is hit record! Just sayin'!

Trust AI to frame up your expertise so you can teach and inspire at scale. More authority-building, less struggle!

6. Wow Customers with Personalized Attention and Care with AI

Want to wow customers with care and attention that blows minds? AI can help you respond to clients in real human convos bursting with good vibes!

I understand that talking to every customer personally takes forever and, unfortunately, can fall by the wayside because it's tough to sit and think through every customer scenario and craft a response. However, fear not! Let AI be your new Customer Care assistant!

First, teach AI your brand’s voice – how you’d respond to common questions. Trust me, it’ll sound EXACTLY like you when you are finished!

When someone emails with an issue, AI will suggest a reply with empathy that fixes problems quick. Just like a real BFF would!

AI analyzes emotions and chooses words carefully. It talks like a human ‘cause it learns from real convos! Pretty cool, right?

Before sending, double check the drafts and add your extra sauce. Put your personal spin on things!

With AI, you can give every single customer tailored attention without losing sleep. Now that’s how you turn strangers into brand lovers!

Talk to your peeps, not robots! AI helps you have caring convos that stick in their minds for good.

7. AI Powered Pricing for Competitive  Advantage for Your Business


Struggling to confidently price your offerings in a way that crushes competitors? I've totally been there too!

But stress no more, because AI can uncover data-backed pricing secrets to give you an unbeatable edge!

Let AI analyze market data, willingness to pay, competitors – the works! It can analyze pricing options and predict future revenue with way more insight than we humans can on our own.

Run different pricing scenarios and AI will reveal which brings maximum cha-ching! No more losing profits or turning away customers.

With AI setting optimal, dynamic pricing you can adapt quickly to market changes. Now that's a true competitive advantage!

Throw out outdated pricing rules. Claude provides up-to-the-second authority based on factors you can't feasibly track alone. But together you'll knock it out of the park!

Get ready to grow profits AND delight customers with AI-powered pricing mastery! Say bye to guesswork and headaches.

8. Create Eye-Catching Visuals in a Snap with AI

Generic stock photos simply don't do your unique brand justice. To begin with, your visuals must stand out while conveying your values and expertise if you want to establish authority in your niche.

Enter the problem…custom photos and complex graphics can drain time and money. AI image generation provides a game-changing solution.

Tools like Midjourney instantly turn text prompts into one-of-a-kind images tailored to your brand. Want a graphic showing teamwork? Simply describe it, and AI will create an image that visualizes your words.

As a result, you can generate countless on-brand images for social media, websites, and ads that flawlessly match your brand. Bada bing bada boom!

Unlike stock imagery, AI lets you control visual style and messaging. Consequently, your content gains instant authority and recognition when paired with original graphics.

So, stop struggling with costly stock sites or contractors. Embrace AI image creation and give your small businesses infinite visual possibilities to build your brand creatively.

9. Stop Losing Sales – Use AI to Make Your Emails Irresistible


We've all heard it and it's soo true…the money’s in the list. However, inconsistency kills engagement and conversions, equating to NO SALES.

Lacking time, sending tailored emails daily or weekly is tough. This fractures subscriber trust and attention.

That's why in my AI Authority Creator™ program, I teach my proven flywheel strategy for consistent, ascending email sequences.

First and foremost, my framework defines the perfect angles, matching where subscribers are, to move them forward consistently.

Following that, I use AI to research customer data, tailoring the copy to my angle for each email I send.

As a result, it writes initial drafts in my voice, ensuring each email builds powerfully on the last.

Finally, I review AI's drafts and add my secret sauce before sending effortlessly, and, most importantly, on schedule.

The result? Crazy high open and click rates, skyrocketing revenue per customer. That’s my AI email marketing formula on autopilot!

Stop losing sales with disjointed email marketing. Learn my AI strategy to engage subscribers and drive consistent results!

Marketing Prompt that will generate an email:

This provides the key information an AI assistant would need to generate an initial draft cold email that any small business could customize by filling in their specific premium features, brand voice, etc.

(GOAL): you to write an email (WHO) Audience: Loyal customers who have been using my product for 4 weeks (WHAT) Objective: Upsell premium features and upgrades to generate more revenue from existing subscribers Brand Voice: Friendly, casual but enthusiastic tone reflecting brand personality Week Positioning: This is week 5 of my ongoing email sequence nurturing subscribers from onboarding to ascent Offer Details: 20% first-month discount on premium plan, highlight 2-3 key features such as [insert premium features] Call to Action: Try our premium plan today and save 20% for your first month!

10. Write Killer Sales Copy Using AI for Your Business

Feelin’ stumped trying to write high vibe sales copy that attracts your dream buyer? I get it! Crafting words that convert is tough stuff!

But, with the help of AI, you CAN create persuasive copy that builds your authority and makes sales explode like firecrackers!!

Once you train it with your business details, AI can study your audience and offer and then blend data, psychology, and a pinch of magic to write results-focused drafts.

Give AI the deets on your audience’s hopes, challenges, and even limiting beliefs. It’ll spotlight your expertise in the copy to build trust quickly!

For a wellness biz, focus on holistic care. For coaching, emphasize changing lives. AI’s got you covered.

Then, all you have to do is review the drafts and add your secret sauce to reflect your one-of-a-kind voice and style. If it doesn't nail it out the gate, don't worry, you've got this!

Sprinkle in some social proof!

The best part, you can skip…

Trying to do it by yourself.

Hiring someone who isn't really a copyrighter!

Pricy copywriters.

You can absolutely use AI to craft high converting copy for landing pages, emails, and ads with magnetic messages aligned to your expertise.

Quit settling for bleh copy that blends in. Let AI create killer conversions at light speed, quickly and easily.


The options to level up your biz with AI are endless! With the right tools and strategy, AI can help you create authoritative content that wows customers, write copy that converts like crazy, and automate tasks like designing graphics and email sequences.

Adopting AI lets you compete with the big dogs by working smarter, not harder.

One smart way to dip your toes into AI is try it for creating visual assets first!  Ditch boring stock images and start generating custom graphics that vibe with your brand’s voice.

With Midjourney, describe exactly what you want to visualize and the AI will turn your words into one-of-a-kind photos and illustrations in seconds.

Give it prompts like “A picture of a woman meditating in nature with a rainbow overhead and unicorns” or “A cartoon logo of a lightbulb with energy beams.”

Get creative and express your vision through AI image generation. Having custom, on-brand visuals levels up your website, social posts, ads and more!

Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. Jump in to experimenting with Midjourney, ChatGPT or Claude for graphics and brainstorming.

Trying bite-sized AI projects lets you build know-how with minimal risk. Morever, when you see the time and money it saves, you’ll be hooked! You SO got this, friend. Onward and upward!

Rather than overthink it, let AI help unlock your potential to establish authority. Rest assured, you won't regret it!

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10 months ago

Love all of the suggested AI prompts and details to get more out of AI tools. Very helpful. Thank you!

Sky Properties
Sky Properties
10 months ago

What an insightful article! Independent learning has indeed played a pivotal role in shaping online success. Your personal experiences and reflections add a genuine touch. It’s inspiring to see how self-motivated learning can lead to growth. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and encouraging us to embrace continuous learning on our online journey. Kudos!

9 months ago

This was exciting to see the information,
Thanks for sharing this…

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