Warning! Attending Social Boom Could Blast Your Business Into the Stratosphere!

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Don't read any further unless you're tired of the same old, same old in your business.  Just close this window if you're content with the size of your online business.  And if you don’t want to know how to create stable, sizeable income online and create a serious boom in your business, feel free to exit out now. 

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If you want to discover how to harness the secrets of social media and online marketing to attract quality, qualified clients, drive targeted traffic to your website and explode your business with regular clients who keep coming back for more, then keep reading because you are definitely in the right place!

A boom is coming – A SOCIAL BOOM, that is!

Explode your business in two jam-packed days with the combined knowledge of some of social media's top money-making experts. 

Maybe it's just me – but when I talk to an "expert," I want to know they've implemented what they're teaching with phenomenal results!  And that's the standard I've used when inviting speakers for this year's Social Boom Conference in Tampa, September 22 & 23

Come learn from people who have a proven track record of success in social media. 

Experts like keynote speaker and best-selling author Gary Vaynerchuk (Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash In On Your Passion  and The Thank You Economy).  Recently called "one of the top 20 people every entrepreneur should follow" by BusinessWeek, Gary is known for helping many of the Fortune 500 companies (PepsiCo, the Campbell Soup Company, the NY Jets, and many others) develop their social media voices and build their digital brands. 

I will be sharing tons of valuable info! My credentials include Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer, #1 Social Media Blogger as voted by Kred.com and the founder and CEO of Social Media Branding, a personal branding and social media business that services over 27,000 clients and subscribers! I am currently consulting with businesses of all sizes from around the globe to help accelerate their profits by helping them integrate proven social media strategies! 

Experts like Nathan Latka, founder and CEO of Lujure.com, a software platform focused on creating a low barrier of entry for creators of Facebook Fan Pages. 

Experts like career sales professional Terry Williamson with over 4000 closes and 30 million in career sales.  Like Dr. Daisy Sutherland, author and founder/CEO of Dr. Mommy Online. Like Tara Geissinger and Christine O'Kelly, cofounders of Online PR Media and cowners of SEO Content Solutions.  Like Kristin Eckstein, self-publishing expert and creator of the I Am Published! program, and Finish the Book! writing course.  Like Stacy Stevens, who in 22 months built a direct sales organization with over $1.8 million a month in sales. Like Jennifer Bennett, founder and CEO of Social Media Jen, with a passion for helping you succeed online and the experience of building high performing Facebook ads to explode her online business. Like Rod Arnold, author and creator of LinkedIntensity – Unlocking your Potential on the World's Largest Business Network. 

We're talking about 2 jam-packed days with 11 confirmed speakers (to date) who are all experts in harnessing the power of social media to build businesses.  And we're talking about 6- and 7- figure businesses

I'm just sayin' – Social BOOM might not be for everyoneBut if you're interested in spending 2 days with recognized industry experts who are sharing amazing strategies, tips, and practical examples to help you explode your business profits, then there's a good chance Social BOOM might be for you.

Register today if you are ready to make a difference in your business!

Can I look forward to seeing you there?  

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11 years ago

Can’t wait to see you again sweetie!

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