YouTube Around The World [Infographic]

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YouTube Around The World [Infographic]
YouTube Around The World [Infographic]
When it comes to watching videos on the internet, YouTube has always been the go to platform. It is universally popular all over the world and most people are surprised to learn that 60% of YouTube's 1 billion monthly viewers come from users who do not speak English as their native language. So where are all these YouTube fans coming from and what are they watching? With the help of a new infographic sourced from YouTube Downloader finding out is easy!

The internet is a pretty big deal in Japan. Almost 80% of the population is hooked up to the world wide web and almost 50% of those are active on YouTube. That amounts to 5.59 Million people! So what are they watching? According to the infographic the most popular type of videos for Japanese viewers involve either dance or cute kids! One of Japan's most popular videos with over 27 million views s Kenichi Ebina performing a matrix style martial arts inspired dance. Meanwhile a video of cute kids playing with a sushi toy has over 12 million views.

Saudi Arabia also provides a large percentage of YouTube's daily audience with more than 90 million Saudi Arabians tuning in to the site each day. It is suggested that YouTube is so popular in Saudi Arabia because television is strictly controlled by the government, so young Saudi Arabians prefer to go online to find video entertainment that suits their taste rather than what the government dictates. The most popular type of viewing in Saudi Arabia involves channels that broadcast social comedy. It is interesting to note that the government in Saudi Arabia regulates both Twitter and Facebook, but not YouTube making it a far more popular social network among the young people in the country.

Saudi Arabia is not the only country where what people can watch is closely monitored. In Germany around 60% of all YouTube videos are blocked because of filters that stop users from uploading certain music videos where GEMA hold the rights. Even with this restriction in place, Germany is still one of the most active countries in terms of YouTube users – they just watch videos that are focused on topics other than music. One of Germany's most popular YouTube Channels is Ytiity which is operated by a group of young comedians who often upload parodies of popular music tracks and movies.

You can check out more about YouTube viewing habits around the world by looking at the infographic below.

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Annie Ch
Annie Ch
5 years ago

Such a nice post , thanks for sharing this info graphic its really worthy

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