5 Key Blogging Techniques to NEVER Start Without

Ever fall into the "last minute" blog routine?  By this I mean, it's 8:30 am Tuesday morning and you have a blog post due by 9 am?  You can't miss that deadline because you've set up this (great) routine and your followers expect it.

The routine is awesome! But, whipping off a blog in 30minutes is NOT! Don't do it!

Now, let's clarify, I don't mean you have to spend 3 hours on each blog, for it to be a good blog. No.

I do mean that writing a blog for the sake of getting a blog done is NOT a reason to blog. You're readers will feel it.

Each blog must have a purpose beyond "filler content".

Use these 5 key blogging techniques so that you never have to write a blog for the sake of checking it off your "to do" list ever again.

1.  Have a Defined Topic

First, it is most important that you clearly decide what the mission of your blog will be.  What's in it for your readers if they read this blog? (Notice I didn't ask what was in it for YOU.  Blogs are all about your readers). 

Additionally, what do you hope your readers will know or understand afterward?

Keep your topic simple and distinctive.

2.  Spend Time on Your Title!

The title of your blog post is going to show up EVERYWHERE! Don't whip it off, or wait until the very end and then put something long or random.

First, it needs to grab the attention of real people. Imagine yourself in the checkout line of a grocery store. While your waiting for the people ahead of you to finish, which magazine do you pull off the rack?  For me, it's always the magazine with the most enticing article titles.

If your blog title isn't enticing, it isn't getting "pulled off the shelf".

Second, your blog title is going to be what Google Search Algorithms pick up and analyze. Thus, whenever possible and applicable, include one of your top keyword phrases.

3.  A First Sentence Is Like A First Meeting…

How amazing are your first sentences?  Now that you've succeeded in catching your reader's attention so well they've clicked through (kudos!) KEEP THEM!

Your first sentence will make or break your blog.  Either people will stay or leave depending on what it says.

Why?  With the internet so saturated and schedules so full, you have 3-7 seconds to hook your readerso well that they choose to stay over doing something else. They will make their mind up that quickly.

Thus, you need a dang good opening line.

A provocative question, or a bold statement, each makes for a great opening sentence.

Like the header, your first sentence is also highly analyzed by search algorithms, so where you can, include your keyword phrase.

4.  Make it Easy

It is key to make your blog easy to read in two ways.

A.  Make it easy for your reader to scan your blog and find the key points. This way they can zero in on the steps or tips they find most interesting. To do this, use sub-headlines, bullet points, numbers and bolded phrases.  (Notice this blog…what did we use?)

B.  Make it easy for your reader to take action at the end. Don't just say "please comment and share".  Instead, give them a specific, EASY question to answer.  If your reader doesn't have an immediate answer pop into their mind uponreading your question, your question's too vague.

5.  Read Aloud!

When you finish your blog, read it out loud! If there are sentences that don't flow off your lips well, fix them.

Or, if you tune out at different points during the blog, SHORTEN IT! If you don't find your own blog interesting, how can you expect your readers to enjoy it? Likewise, a blog that can easily be read aloud is a blog readers will gain more from.

Lastly, it is easier to find grammatical errors when you read your blog out loud. 

Which of these 5 steps will you start to focus on when you blog? 

If you are already doing all 5 steps, which one do you think is most crucial? Why?

Please comment and share below…


Did you see how I ended my blog with two very clear questions so that you know what to include in your comment below?J Good stuff, huh?



  1. says

    Great post – thanks for sharing!  I have had a time or two when I try to write like mad to get a blog post done, but I realized it didn't work.  I now write mine way ahead of time and schedule them to post.  Much easier and less stress!  

  2. says

    I plan to start making it easy for reader to take action (4.b)! I have not been consistently asking questions at end of my blog post. Thanks for the great tips!

  3. jerry wilkinson says

    Your title is EXACTLY what brought me in.
    Getting keywords in
    Bold, #'s, lists
    short,  crisp, easy to read
    ask a question… oops I know I miss this one!
    thanks Kim very useful info

  4. says

    Thank you so much for more great information. I need to pay more attention to questions at the end and focus on  #1 by sticking to a defined topic. Sometimes I find myself adding other information that could be left for another post/topic.

  5. Linda Jo Jenkins says

    Hi Kim!
    Great article and tips! Thanks for the reminder to being consistant on doing my blog.
    Looking forward to hearing the big secret 😉

  6. Melony Gilstrap says

    Great tips. I already complete some of these steps, but I often forget to read my blog out loud when I finish. Definitely making a note to do that with my next post

  7. says

    Awesome and useful post! Well yes, one should think of a blog title which grabs the attention of visitors and moreover it's a good strategy to use top keyword phrase(s) in the title to be found in the search results and to rank higher for the specific keyword(s). Thanks for sharing :)

  8. says

    I just changed my headline on my site…thanks a million. I am thinking another great point would be to highlight a certain point you want to drive home in highlighted “quotes” perhaps. This will help identify the key points for readers and will ultimately make the post easier to read. What do you think?
    Look what Jaime Jay just posted..Online Market ResearchMy Profile

  9. says

    Number 5 is my favorite. I always recomend this, even when emailing someone or writing a report. Reading it aloud helps us to see what is actually written instead of what is supposed to be there. Thanks for a great post, Kim!
    Look what Jennifer Hogan just posted..Never Give Up!My Profile

  10. Chuka says

    Kim, thank you so much for the tips. Please which commenting and social sharing plugin are you using for your blog

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