13 Most Commonly Asked Twitter Questions

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I get asked a lot of questions about using Twitter for business, so I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of the most common ones in this blog post. Where possible, I have also tried to include a link to a relevant blog post for further reading. Please let me know any […]

Want Success on Social Media? Get People Talking!


Engagement is the name of the game when it comes to opening the door to building relationships using social media. You want people talking to you on social media; commenting, posting, sharing, tweeting, liking your posts, etc. If you are not getting this type of response, this means no one is paying attention and you […]

7 Ways Marketers Should Be Using Twitter

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Most of you are probably on Twitter, and already know many of the benefits to using it for your business. As a conduit for making new connections, both personally and professionally, Twitter is perhaps still the leader among social networks. I find however, that even professional marketers often forget about all the potential ways they […]

6 Genius Ways To Use Selfies In Your Marketing


Unless you have been, oh, I don’t know, living under a rock or something, you have probably heard about the most shared ‘selfie’ of all time: the “best photo ever” taken by Ellen Degeneres last night at the Oscars. The photo, posted last night to Ellen’s Twitter account, has already surpassed the previous most-tweeted selfie, […]