5 Exciting Updates in ChatGPT’s New GPT-4 Turbo Model

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ChatGPT just got a sweet new upgrade called GPT-4 Turbo. This big AI news comes from OpenAI's recent dev conference! On stage, CEO Sam Altman unveiled 5 major updates under the GPT-4 Turbo umbrella that are about to take ChatGPT to the next level.


OpenAI keeps pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI tech. These latest updates to ChatGPT's GPT-4 Turbo Model will help even more peeps build cool apps powered by artificial intelligence. The complex machine learning magic under the hood lets nerds like me geek out. But all you really need to know is that ChatGPT's GPT-4 Turbo Model’s new features unlock awesome new possibilities for using ChatGPT. This upgrade is opening up new frontiers in AI capability!


Keep reading to learn everything about how ChatGPT's GPT4 Turbo Model got this major glow up. I'll walk you through the 5 biggest changes step-by-step. Get ready to have your mind blown by the awesome new powers!

1. OpenAI Unveils GPT-4 Turbo

ChatGPT just got a supercharged upgrade with GPT-4 Turbo Model. This new model packs a punch with beefed up features.

Extended Memory Lane

With up to 128,000 tokens (roughly 96,000 words!), ChatGPT's GPT-4 Turbo Model has the long-term memory of an elephant, recalling full conversations without losing context.

It can be trained to remember specifics of your business too. When discussing marketing, GPT-4 Turbo can pull up data on past promotions, customer feedback, sales stats, and more to build the next campaign. Woo hoo!

Function Calling Finesse

ChatGPT's GPT-4 Turbo Model doesn't just chat – it has craftiness too. Enhanced function calling allows it to speak fluent JSON to integrate with apps and juggle multiple tasks seamlessly.

For example, let's say you ask GPT-4 Turbo to tell you today's weather because you're picking out an outfit. It could call a weather website to get your city's temperature. Then it could check your calendar to see if you have gym class today. Based on that info, it can suggest wearing shorts and a t-shirt since it'll be warm and you have PE. GPT-4 Turbo is now smart enough to call different “functions” like checking weather and your calendar. Then it combines that info to give you advice. Pretty sweet!

Updated Knowledge Base

With its knowledge cutoff extended to April 2023, GPT-4 Turbo stays as current as the latest Twitter trend. No more outdated info!


Sensory Expansion

The new model gains senses too, thanks to DALL-E 3's computer vision and Whisper's speech skills. It's like giving AI supersight and hearing! Thanks to DALL-E 3, GPT-4 Turbo can now generate captions describing images you show it. And with Whisper, it can take voice commands and respond back naturally. Sight and sound superpowers!

Imagine you're cooking dinner and want GPT-4 Turbo's help. You could show it a picture of the ingredients you have and ask what recipes you can make. Thanks to DALL-E 3's vision, it could scan the image and suggest a few options. Or you could ask it to set a timer for the oven while your hands are messy. With Whisper's speech features, it could hear your voice request and use text-to-speech to confirm the timer is set. Mind blowing, right?!

Higher Rate Limits

More power for established customers means we can go full throttle withChatGPT's GPT-4 Turbo Model without limits. API customers will get double the number of tokens per minute.

This will benefit existing companies and developers that already use OpenAI's API services. With doubled quota allowances, they can request more from GPT-4 Turbo before hitting rate limits.

Gentle on the Wallet

Last but not least, prompt and completion tokens are now cheaper, giving users more AI bang for their buck. Prompt tokens now cost just $0.01 per 1000 (previously $0.03), while completion tokens are $0.03 per 1000 (previously $0.06). For the average user focused on prompts, that's 3x savings! This makes GPT-4 Turbo around 3x cheaper for prompt tokens and 2x cheaper for completion tokens compared to the prior GPT-4 pricing.

For most customers, this will lead to an overall blended rate of more than 2.75x cheaper than using GPT-4. Again, this doesn't suck, right?

Why This Matter to Us as Marketers

I'm pumped about how this turbocharged version can step up my marketing game. The memory upgrades mean this AI brainiac can finally keep up with in-depth strategy convos without going blank. Rather than forgetting details about my target audience, previous messaging, and results, GPT-4 Turbo could recall that context and provide tailored suggestions to build on what's worked before. No more having to re-explain everything from scratch!

The new visual smarts let me show ChatGPT product images or ads and ask for feedback to improve them. And being able to chat by voice makes working hands-free a breeze!

Having up-to-date knowledge base on the latest marketing tactics will ensure this AI buddy gives relevant advice too. No more feeling like I'm talking to someone still stuck in 2015!

While it's still not a perfect replica of a human marketing expert, GPT-4 Turbo definitely makes ChatGPT a more useful co-pilot for us!

I'd say this upgrade gives us marketers more bang for our AI buck. Even if it can't fully replace human creativity yet, ChatGPT's GPT-4 Turbo Model brings ChatGPT closer to an AI assistant I can trust for marketing guidance as I grow my business.

2. GPTs: OpenAI Unveils Customizable ChatGPT Bots Anyone Can Build in Minutes

OpenAI also introduced GPTs, tailored versions of ChatGPT that users can customize for specific purposes. GPTs aim to provide more specialized chatbots by combining instructions, knowledge, and capabilities.


Key Features of GPTs


GPTs are designed to be highly adaptable to excel for particular use cases. Users can provide custom instructions, knowledge, and define desired skills.


Users can build GPTs through natural conversation with ChatGPT, no coding required. The intuitive interface makes customization accessible.


GPTs can be tailored for diverse applications like:

Example 1: Helping teachers adapt lessons for students

Code.org crafted a GPT called Lesson Planner to help teachers adapt lessons for students. The instructor can provide custom prompts like “Explain four loops in a creative way” for a specific 8th grade coding class.

The teacher previously customized the GPT by uploading transcripts of coding lectures to expand its knowledge. They also configured the GPT with the capability to reference these materials when giving explanations.

This allows the Lesson Planner GPT to tap into customized instructions from the teacher about lesson needs. It can pull from uploaded coding content to give creative explanations suited for 8th graders. The teacher customized its knowledge and skills for this specific educational use case. WOWSERS, right!?

Example 2: Generating creative design options from descriptions 

Canva built a GPT that allows users to generate design options by describing what they want in natural language. For example, the user can say “Make a poster for a DevDay reception this evening” and provide some details. The GPT then hits Canva's API to automatically generate a few design options based on the prompt. This allows easy iteration – the user can continue chatting with the GPT to refine the designs until they see one they like. When ready, they can click through from the GPT interface directly into Canva for the full design experience. So in summary, Canva customized a GPT to take natural language descriptions of desired designs and automatically generate options by connecting to Canva's existing APIs and capabilities. It makes the initial design process more intuitive while still allowing access to Canva's full suite of tools to finalize the creation.

Example 3: Automating workflows across multiple apps 

Zapier created a GPT that allows users to perform actions across the 6000+ apps connected to their platform just through conversation.

For example, in the demo from stage, the GPT is shown integrated with a hypothetical travel app. When the user says “Let Sam know I got to go chasing GPUs.”, the GPT asks for confirmation before taking action. It then creates a calendar event about leaving early, texts the confirmation to “Sam”, and shows the message in the integrated chat.

This demonstrates how Zapier's GPT can leverage conversational prompts to automatically trigger workflows and integrate data between multiple different apps and services. The GPT handles the natural language processing, then executes pre-defined actions through Zapier's existing capabilities.

In summary, it extends the functionality of Zapier by allowing voice/text-based conversation to initiate processes instead of needing direct user actions. The integration enables Zapier to connect applications together based on conversational prompts rather than manual user triggers.


Users have options to keep GPTs private, share them publicly or publish them internally through ChatGPT Enterprise.

My Two Cents for Online Marketers

For online marketers, GPTs present an exciting opportunity to create customized AI assistants that truly fit your brand voice and business needs.

Imagine crafting a GPT that speaks convincingly like your brand persona, allowing for more natural-sounding content creation and customer interactions.

You could also build one with domain knowledge about your products, services, customers etc. to have an AI assistant specialized for your business needs.

The ability to easily create tailored GPTs without coding unlocks new possibilities for marketers to extend their use of AI in some creative and useful ways!


3. The GPT Store: An AI Marketplace for Everyone

Another big drop from OpenAI is the upcoming GPT Store. This will let anyone share and sell their own custom GPT creations!


Share Your Genius

The GPT Store is kinda like a digital farmers market, letting you publish your brainchildren for all to see and use! Show off your unique GPTs.

Get Paid for Popular GPTs

If your GPT gets used a bunch, you can earn money! OpenAI will pay creators when their bots are popular. It's like getting paid every time your song plays on the radio.

Discover New GPTs

The store will make it easy to find all sorts of cool, new GPTs made by the community. Browse different categories and check out hot trends.

My Takeaway

The GPT Store turns sharing your own AI creations into a fun game. And if your bot wins over the crowds, cha-ching!  It gives everyone a chance to flex their creativity, help others, and maybe make some extra side money too. I don't know about y'all, but I'm already brainstorming my first GPT store release!

4. Meet Your New AI BFF – The Assistants API

Developers, let me intro you to your new bestie: the Assistants API! 🤖 This nifty tool lets you bake crazy smart AI helpers into any app or website.


The Assistants API handles the tricky stuff behind the scenes – storing chat history, calling programs, and more. It's like having a digital buddy manage the heavy lifting while you focus on the fun parts.

Keep Conversations Flowing

No more losing track of long convos! The API organizes chats into threads, remembering all the deets.

Crunch Data Like a Pro

With built-in Code Interpreter, your assistant can do math, write programs, and generate files on the fly!

Get Smarter with Every Chat

The API can pull knowledge from documents and databases. More smarts = better answers!

Protect Privacy

User data stays private and is deleted on-demand. Safety first!

Cost Effective

Pay small fees only for what you use. With prices like $0.03 per code run, it's designed to save you money.

My Takeaway

The Assistants API makes AI integration crazy simple. Just focus on the fun frontend stuff while it handles the heavy lifting! Whether you're a startup or tech titan, this tool is a game changer for next-gen apps.

5. OpenAI's Copyright Shield Protects ChatGPT Enterprise and API Users

OpenAI rolled out another awesome feature called Copyright Shield. It is designed to protect companies using ChatGPT Enterprise and the API.


If either of these business tools leads to copyright issues, OpenAI has their back! They'll handle any legal claims or costs that pop up.

Peace of Mind for Companies

Now enterprises and developers can use the AI tech without worrying over potential copyright pitfalls.

Focus on Innovation

The shield lets businesses focus on building rather than untangling legal messes down the road.

There is a Catch…Don't Copy Content

Just remember – no peeking at the model's outputs! The shield only covers accidental violations.

My Takeaway

This is a huge win for legit companies leveraging OpenAI's tech. Feel free to get creative with enterprise applications without constant copyright anxiety!


Well, there ya have it  – the lowdown on all of OpenAI's big ChatGPT's GPT-4 Turbo Model updates! Longer memory, cheaper pricing, custom bots, and more. This AI just leveled up in a major way!

While the tech behind it all is super complex, what matters is how this upgrade stands to improve our lives. With more knowledge, skills, and accessibility, ChatGPT is inching closer to a versatile AI assistant we can actually rely on.

Of course, it still has a ways to go. But with OpenAI leading the way on responsible innovation, the future sure does look bright!

So what do you think?

How will you use these new capabilities from ChatGPT? Are there any killer apps or use cases you can see these updates enabling?

Share your thoughts below!


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