How Often Should You Post On Facebook?

How Often Should You PostEveryone has an opinion on how often you should post to Facebook, including me <grin>!

How much is too much?

How often should we be posting new content on Facebook?

Are we posting enough?

Would daily posts be too much?

Twice weekly?

How do you strike the right balance?

There are some who say the optimum number of times to post on your Facebook fan page is 2-3 times per day.

I have a very different viewpoint around this subject.

The first rule of thumb for all social media is “do what works for you and your audience”.

There are many who will give tips, tricks and techniques around things that they do not do themselves or have no real knowledge base to offer qualified guidance to others. I always laugh when I see someone who claims to be a social media expert and they have 27 fans on their fan page and 253 Twitter followers. How can they give qualified advice around social media when they haven’t been able to implement it in their own business? Make sure that if you are following someone’s advice that the person is qualified with PROVEN experience before you pay attention and implement what they suggest you do in your business.

We are always so hungry for proof of performance or that other word string ‘return on investment’ that we forget that social media is all about engagement! Your social media marketing campaign should involve engaging and building relationships with your audience which brings us back to the initial question; how often should you post to your Facebook fan page in an effort to get that engagement?

The constant debate around a specific number that is the hard and fast answer is simply senseless.

There is no magic number.

Saying that 2-3 times per day on your Facebook fan page is the absolutely the most that you would want to post is ridiculous. Why? Because every business is different! What works for Victoria Secrets may not work for a local real estate agent. Every business knows their audience or should get to know their audience, so that that they can deliver what that audience is looking for.

How often and even when you post on your Facebook fan page is far less important than WHAT you are posting.

If you are sharing content that is engaging your audience; they are liking and commenting; this means that people are paying attention and consuming what you are posting. Your Facebook fan page is a platform to share quality content that is valuable to your audience. It is also a great way to share who you are and what your business values are all about. This mentality opens the doors to building connections and ultimately relationships that will increase your business.

If you are not connecting and building relationships on your Facebook fan page, it is absolutely WORTHLESS. You cannot connect and build relationships with people if you are not talking and sharing valuable content. It would be like going to a social event and standing in the corner most of the evening. How many people are you going to meet standing in the corner speaking to no one?

The real value to what you post is making sure that your content provides relevant and valuable information that your fans can use.

You want to give them a reason to consider you a valuable and knowledgeable resource and keep them coming back to your fan page!

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    Kim, I don't spend a lot of time on my Facebook business page other than my weekly blog article. My blog is where I engage my readers. A quick scan of the people who like my page shows almost all of them are bloggers who I'm interacting with in multiple other places.
    You have me wondering if I should start using my FB (keepupweb) page to engage new readers – possibly bring over some of my "friends" from my personal page. I suspect I'm missing out on an opportunity. Any thoughts?

    • adminadmin says

      Sherryl, yes, you should definitely be using your FB page to engage new readers! The broader your exposure the better for sure. How are you getting new people to your fan page?

  2. says

    Wow… Reading this post has me seeing I need to adjust my social strategy.  I feel like I've been posting a lot, but not getting the views I would like.  This could be why, especially on Facebook. Thanks for the great post!

  3. says

    I haven't tried using social networking sites for my own benefit so I don't have enough clue on the right strategy on maximizing the use of it.  But based on some friends of mine who are using their accounts to reach out their markets, it is a wise strategy for them to maximize their accounts who do quite few postings to keep all of their connections updated on their activities or their businesses activities.  At least few times a week would be enough or even a daily update will also be fine, but not every hour update because that might cause irritation to your friends.
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  4. says

    I am so totally confused about all the different types of pages on Facebook. I opened my Facebook account a couple years ago. Then I opened a Page for my Deliver Me book when it came out and discovered there were many choices for what kind of page that could be–author, non-profit, etc., etc. Are all these collected under the term "Fan" page? Should I have another "Fan" page for me as an Author? Is it true I'm not supposed to be promoting a business through my personal page? If I open a new page for every book I publish, I'll never keep up. Help!? I feel like I don't know what I'm doing….
    Thanks for all the helpful articles.

    • adminadmin says

      No, you do not need multiple fan pages. I would brand yourself as an author and share all your books from your one fan page.

  5. says

    So appreciate your common sense approach to dispensing advice, Your comment about social media "experts" is spot on. And, your admonition to craft an approach relevant to one's business/purpose is just the latest example of how your followers can benefit from following your straight-forward, sound advice.
    Thanks for all you do to help us tune our social media strategy.

  6. says

    Thanks for the confirmation. We feel the same about our FB posts. What I find interesting is that, even as our views have decreased, more clients and friends comment to me in person about how busy our firm looks and how successful we must be. Our FB philosophy is to share great content without selling; then also brag on our successes. It working. Page and post views are down, but referrals and sales are up.

  7. says

    Thanks Kim, I really need to be OK with pulling back. My employers want several facebook pages, but I’m doing it all on my own 3 days a week. It’s just not working. So thank you for making me realise it’s OK to pull back and just focus on quality content over quantity of content.

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