How to Add Your Facebook Fan Page to Your Personal Profile Employer Link


Have you ever wondered how you can utilize your personal profile page on Facebook to expose and gain greater visibility for your business? There is one simple thing that you can do that will do just this for you and your business.

This is one of the most common mistakes that I see businesses of all kinds making; in fact about 95% of businesses are making this mistake! I have seen hundreds of personal Facebook profiles where the owner is definitely not aware of this mistake and they are missing a golden opportunity to promote their business AND their fan page at the very top of their personal profiles.

The top of your personal Facebook profile is premium real estate because that is where most people’s eyes are drawn when they visit your personal profile. The mistake that most are making is that they have not linked their personal Facebook profile to their fan page in the “work” section at the top of their personal profiles.

Obviously many of us have inner mingled our personal family and friend relationships with our business associations on our personal Facebook profile page and it can be very difficult to expose our business on our personal Facebook wall because of this. This tip is a great way to utilize our personal profile page to gain added visibility for our business in a very unobtrusive but yet effective way.

Facebook recently rolled out the new Timeline look and the way you find your employer information is slightly differently. Underneath your Cover image, there are now three ways to find your work and education details.


Once you click on one of these three options, you will find the Work and Education section listed there. Click on the ‘EDIT’ button in the top right of that section.







Start typing your fan page name EXACTLY as it is spelled. Facebook usually picks it up and it is displayed in a drop down underneath and you simply click on that and it will complete the box for you.








You can add your position, city/town and a description of your business. For position you could be the President or the CEO of your own company. Remember to project a positive business image. As an example, mine states Passionate about sharing how ‘YOU CAN DO’ social media. Find out more about me at If you prefer to not share any or part of this information, you can simply leave it blank. Once you are done editing, please do not forget to click SAVE CHANGES.













It’s that easy and now your fan page is displayed as a clickable link at the top of your personal profile page!


  1. Tina Winterlik says

    That is so cool! Thanks so much! Really appreciate this info. It's so helpful and I appreciate you sharing it!

  2. says

    Thanks for the great tip, Kim!  I have a related question:
    On my personal Facebook home page, in the left navigation there is a section called "PAGES" that lists some fan pages I have selected.  Is there a way to get MY business fan page to show up there?
    Many Thanks,

  3. says

    Hi, I have been trying to link my profile to my business page but my page does not come up as a choice when I type it in. Is there a way to get around that? I have the page type set as "artist" but it seems that it still should work. 
    I appreciate any advice you have.

  4. says

    Hi! I’m not able to link my business page to my personal page. It doesn’t show up when I type. Is there something that is blocked?
    Help! Thanks. Lori

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