How To Remove or Block Someone From Your Facebook Fan Page

How To Remove or Block Someone From Your Facebook Fan Page

How To Remove or Block Someone From Your Facebook Fan Page

Have you ever had someone posting inappropriate content or try to incite another fan on your Facebook fan page? It could simply be someone who tries to use your wall as their advertising platform. If you have asked nicely and they simply won’t stop, what are your choices? How can you remove or block them from your page?

Here is the step-by-step process of how to remove or block someone from your Facebook Fan Page.

1. Go to the Banned Users tab.

I know, it is confusing going to the Banned Users tab before you have even banned someone but that is where you have to start! Go to Settings, click on Banned Users, and you should see a box that says ‘Banned’. Click on the arrow, and change this to ‘People Who Like This’. This will bring up a list of everyone who likes your Page. If you need more assistance, check out the Facebook Fan Page Help Center!


2. Find the person you want to remove.

Click on the arrow next to their name, and select ‘Remove’. Once you click on this, you will also be given the option to permanently ban them.

ban2 3. Oops! I didn’t mean to ban him! How to reverse a ban.  

Finally, if you find you’ve mistakenly banned someone and would like to remove the ban, simply go through the same process, but select ‘Banned’ from the drop down list instead of ‘People Who Like This’.  Click on the arrow to the right of the person’s name, and you should see the option to “unban” them.


And that’s how to remove or block someone from your Facebook Fan Page!

Hopefully this isn’t a process you need to do frequently, but don’t feel bad blocking or removing fans who are just out to cause trouble. Better to keep your Page a safe, fun and informative resource than to let someone stir up trouble! If you would like to learn more on banning and removing someone from your page, visit Facebook’s Help Center


  1. says

    HI Kim,
    Can you remove comments you don't want others to see?  Have a client who doesn't want a FB page since they are afraid a customer might complain…
    TY for your insight!

  2. lily says


    When I clicked “People who likes this” Facebook only shows the most recent likers who liked my page and it only shows a limited number of likers even after I clicked all the See All buttons. I want to remove someone who liked my page a long time ago. How can I see everyone who has liked my page since Day 1? Can you help me? THanks

  3. Kristina Tate says

    If you block someone from your fan page, what happens to their prior comments or postings? Does it revert to ‘Facebook User’ or still show their name?

  4. Newbie says

    I want to block someone from commenting on my page but as someone mentioned previously, the “people who like this” only lists the most recent people. How can I block someone who liked the page from the beginning?

  5. Louise says

    What happens when you do all of the above but the people in question do not appear on the fan page? How can they be deleted or banned??

  6. Lillan says

    I hope you can help me…
    I have problem with a person that’s stalking me so I wonder if you can you block a person from your fanpage that you have blocked at your private facebook page? I mean, does their name appear when you search for it as admin on the fanpage?
    If not, I have a problem… I have blocked the person on my private page and therefore I can’t see the person when I search after him…..

  7. says

    Thank you Kim. I have an instance with someone who has not liked a clients page yet they are sending unwanted private messages to the page. I understand that this person cannot be blocked since they have not liked the page. What about blocking from sending messages? Is there a way that that can be done on a per person basis?
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  8. says

    I don’t know how to fix this. I blocked this user from my personal page. Yesterday I put up a fan page for my business and she messaged me on the fan page with abuse and threatened to destroy my coaching practice. I thought once I blocked her from my personal site, she wouldn’t show up on my fan page. Since she never liked my fan page, I can’t ban her from the site. Is there a way where she won’t have access to my fan page again?

  9. Vivien says

    hi, can you kindly tell me where I can find “see all”, because my new likes section can’t see “see all” list, thank you

  10. Chel says

    Hi Kim! I have a problem! I am unable to “X’ the person on the fan list, as we have almost 20K followers. And I am unable to find that particular person on the list. Is there another alternative?

    Thank you in advance!!

  11. MikeC says

    On my fan page, can I search for a specific fan? I have thousands of fans and can’t scroll down enough to remove it. I even tried deleting some, but it still only lets me scroll so far down.
    I was hoping I can search thru the fans for a specific user, then remove them that way.
    Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

  12. Jean says

    Hello i am looking to ban people via inbox! any idea? i cannot see from like lists because i have many fans! And these people don’t leave comments on posts

  13. says

    I have someone that I blocked from my personal page that I did not know was commenting on my page until i visited it while I was not signed in. He does not show up when I look at the people that have liked my page. Im sure other people cam see his comments, how do I remove them when I can not see them when I sign in?

  14. Axl says

    I banned someone but he can still keep liking my page, I banned him so many times! How could I stop him?! I clicked ban permanently already but he still can come and like my page again!

  15. Ty White says

    Hi! I’ve followed the steps you told me to in the picture and it didn’t work, but I went to something else in the page and I found out how. But thanks though!

  16. Daniel says

    Is there a way to block someone from not just posting on but also block them from seeing a FB Fan Page. There is someone who is kind of stalking. She has been blocked from the personal page already. She has not liked the Fan Page to be able to be blocked like you explain above, but she is messaging through the Fan Page. She also is now using the Fan Page to find out where she can try and go to stalk. It is important to block her from even seeing the Fan Page. Hope you can help figure out how to do that. Thank you.

  17. says


    I banned someone from my fan page successfully, so will they still get updates in their news feed when I post to my wall?

    Thank you

  18. Michael says

    I manage a religious organization’s page on FB and there is another page that has an extremely religious-offensive name as it’s page name. However, this other page doesn’t comment or message, they merely ‘Like’ our posts so that their offensive name can be seen. Is there a way to block another page even if they just ‘like’ a post you’ve made?

  19. Tracy says

    I permanently banned a fan from my fan page. My question is can she still like or share any of my posts?

  20. Bob Reid says

    Why has the functionality to see all fans been removed? I have several inactive fans and no way to remove them… I wanted my paid ad to be put to good use but now it’s just being viewed by uninterested users.


  21. says

    I manage several Facebook pages and I am glad that I have not banned anyone yet. I try to work with the online community to make sure that I can resolve their issues. I have managed a couple of pages in Facebook whose audience is extremely passionate about the issues. I have came close but luckily I have not banned anyone yet. Thanks, Kim for allowing me to provide my input on banning users in Facebook.
    Look what gautam singh just posted..It’s A RelationshipMy Profile

  22. says

    This was a great article, but I especially like that you interact with the questions/comment you receive. Not many blogs actually do so (although I understand sometimes It can get hard to keep up).

  23. sharon says

    I wonder if you can help please. if i have deleted someone off facebook. why do there comments and likes still show up on my page?? i have deleted them not blocked them, as i see from looking at this if i block they will still be there. kind regards.

  24. says

    nice article u shared “kim” thanks for giving rplies to all quiries, i do have one doubt how to block somebody is tagging the photos our timelines, how to protect form them..

  25. says

    This article is dated 8/11/2014 on top, but I see comments from 2013. Not sure how that can be, anyway… Regardless of how old the article is, there are options on FB that many of us don’t know about, simply because we choose not to read the boring stuff. I just found out on my own that you CAN block someone on your Fun Page even if that person does not LIKE your page. It is very simple and
    Just go to your PERSONAL PAGE, click on settings, then blocking. On the “block users” space, type the name of the person you want to block and click block. A pop-up will show up with a list of people with that same name. Click on the name you want to block to confirm. That’s it. That person is blocked on your Personal Page AND on your Fun Page.
    I just blocked someone on my Fun Page 20 minutes ago, and that person did not LIKE my. That’s how I know.
    Oh, and that person’s comments are gone too!

  26. TG says

    Hi Kim, someone has shared an item that was on our FB page. For reasons I won’t go into here, I have banned them from our page. Is there a way to remove the “Share” from their page?

  27. Sarah says

    A friend has created a fan page for my daughter who is a child actress and has made me an “Admin” so that I can manage it as well. If I go “block” questionable people who have hit “Like” on my daughter’s page, which I already have blocked many, what am I blocking them from? Can they still get into her photos & see her page status etc? or is it just blocking them from commenting? to be clear, they aren’t commenting, just LIKING the page. But they have inappropriate material on their own personal pages therefore I go block them. I just want to make sure that “blocking them means that they cannot access or see my daughter’s page anymore. Thanks for all your help.

  28. says


    Have just set up a page promoting my business. Now….I did work for somebody freelance and do not want him knowing about my page. I have his two facebook pages (his personal and business). I want to add him to a “Banned User”. I am worried that when I use Facebook and reach out far and wide for more “Likes” of my page, that he may see this? Whats best to do.



  29. says

    okay, nice post BUT.. i got 100k fans, the person i wanna block is not a fan, does not comment and does not like anythink on ma page. How can I ban him now?!?

    • Kim Garst says

      You can’t ban him. Fan pages are public and content can be seen even by all, even those that are banned. Those that are banned cannot comment or like anything on the page.

  30. Nick says

    Someone blocked me because I said “no” when they asked for a job and they are very passive-aggresive. They still like my business page. when I go to the people that like my page I see everyone but him. I know he’s there because I logged out and went to his profile and my business is still under his “likes”. How do I ban him from posting to my Page if I can’t see any of his posts/likes/comments he makes on my page. The reason I can’t see any of his activity on my page is because he blocked my personal account. Anyway to Ban him from posting to my business page while i’m blocked?

    • Kim Garst says

      You can’t keep people from seeing your page as it’s “public”. The only thing you can do is ban someone from posting and/or liking or commenting on your page. The only way to ban him on your fan page is to wait until he posts something.

  31. shawn says


    what happens when you have 5000 fan likes and you need to block someone or ban someone? FB doesn’t have atool to go and search by name – so you have to manually go looking over all your fans on the page to ban someone? Also if so, that is a process….


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