How To Remove or Block Someone From Your Facebook Fan Page

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Have you ever had someone posting inappropriate content or trying to incite another fan on your Facebook fan page? It could simply be someone who tries to use your wall as their advertising platform. If you have asked nicely and they simply won’t stop, what can you do? How can you remove or block them from your page?

Here is the step-by-step process of removing or blocking someone from your Facebook fan page.

1. While logged in as admin, visit your fan page and click “SHOW” in the upper right hand corner above your timeline cover.

30 Boom Social with Kim Garst How To Remove or Block Someone From Your Facebook Fan Page


2. Under New Likes there is ‘SEE ALL’, click there and all your fans will appear.

Boom Social with Kim Garst How To Remove or Block Someone From Your Facebook Fan Page 






3. After clicking on See All, a list of your fans will appear. Find the person you wish to ban and click the “X” next to their name. Using Ctrl+F to search for the fan’s name can help you locate them more quickly.

Boom Social with Kim Garst2 How To Remove or Block Someone From Your Facebook Fan Page













4. After clicking the “X” button, a popup will open and you can choose to remove or if you click the ban permanently box, you will ban this person permanently.


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  1. says

    HI Kim,
    Can you remove comments you don't want others to see?  Have a client who doesn't want a FB page since they are afraid a customer might complain…
    TY for your insight!

  2. lily says


    When I clicked “People who likes this” Facebook only shows the most recent likers who liked my page and it only shows a limited number of likers even after I clicked all the See All buttons. I want to remove someone who liked my page a long time ago. How can I see everyone who has liked my page since Day 1? Can you help me? THanks

  3. Kristina Tate says

    If you block someone from your fan page, what happens to their prior comments or postings? Does it revert to ‘Facebook User’ or still show their name?

  4. Newbie says

    I want to block someone from commenting on my page but as someone mentioned previously, the “people who like this” only lists the most recent people. How can I block someone who liked the page from the beginning?

  5. Louise says

    What happens when you do all of the above but the people in question do not appear on the fan page? How can they be deleted or banned??

  6. Lillan says

    I hope you can help me…
    I have problem with a person that’s stalking me so I wonder if you can you block a person from your fanpage that you have blocked at your private facebook page? I mean, does their name appear when you search for it as admin on the fanpage?
    If not, I have a problem… I have blocked the person on my private page and therefore I can’t see the person when I search after him…..

  7. says

    Thank you Kim. I have an instance with someone who has not liked a clients page yet they are sending unwanted private messages to the page. I understand that this person cannot be blocked since they have not liked the page. What about blocking from sending messages? Is there a way that that can be done on a per person basis?
    Look what Kim just posted..Essential Plugins to Optimize Your WordPress WebsiteMy Profile

  8. says

    I don’t know how to fix this. I blocked this user from my personal page. Yesterday I put up a fan page for my business and she messaged me on the fan page with abuse and threatened to destroy my coaching practice. I thought once I blocked her from my personal site, she wouldn’t show up on my fan page. Since she never liked my fan page, I can’t ban her from the site. Is there a way where she won’t have access to my fan page again?

  9. Chel says

    Hi Kim! I have a problem! I am unable to “X’ the person on the fan list, as we have almost 20K followers. And I am unable to find that particular person on the list. Is there another alternative?

    Thank you in advance!!

  10. MikeC says

    On my fan page, can I search for a specific fan? I have thousands of fans and can’t scroll down enough to remove it. I even tried deleting some, but it still only lets me scroll so far down.
    I was hoping I can search thru the fans for a specific user, then remove them that way.
    Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

  11. Jean says

    Hello i am looking to ban people via inbox! any idea? i cannot see from like lists because i have many fans! And these people don’t leave comments on posts

  12. says

    I have someone that I blocked from my personal page that I did not know was commenting on my page until i visited it while I was not signed in. He does not show up when I look at the people that have liked my page. Im sure other people cam see his comments, how do I remove them when I can not see them when I sign in?

  13. Axl says

    I banned someone but he can still keep liking my page, I banned him so many times! How could I stop him?! I clicked ban permanently already but he still can come and like my page again!

  14. says

    Hi! I’ve followed the steps you told me to in the picture and it didn’t work, but I went to something else in the page and I found out how. But thanks though!

  15. Daniel says

    Is there a way to block someone from not just posting on but also block them from seeing a FB Fan Page. There is someone who is kind of stalking. She has been blocked from the personal page already. She has not liked the Fan Page to be able to be blocked like you explain above, but she is messaging through the Fan Page. She also is now using the Fan Page to find out where she can try and go to stalk. It is important to block her from even seeing the Fan Page. Hope you can help figure out how to do that. Thank you.

  16. says


    I banned someone from my fan page successfully, so will they still get updates in their news feed when I post to my wall?

    Thank you

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