Social Media Monitoring Made Easy: 15 (Free) Tools You’ll Want To Use Today!

With all of the “noise” out there in social media, have you ever stopped to wonder at the many ways to make sense of the information? Every day it seems there’s a new program out with a new way to slice the available information, discover your influence, or help you understand how people are using social media more accurately as a way of helping you shape your marketing message.

There’s so many – which ones are helpful? (Because you really don’t think you need one more thing to track, right? <grin>)

Here’s a roundup of 15 free social media monitoring tools you’ll want to become familiar with (if you aren’t already) to simplify the ways you track your brand and influence online.

1. Klout

Klout’s vision is to allow people to discover and measure social influence. Through a variety of algorithms (over 400 variables), Klout assigns users a score measuring a particular user’s influence in the real world as well as in social networks. This is useful for monitoring your own influence, as well as making sure your influencers are of top quality and trusted sources.

2. Kred

Another form of reputation measurement, Kred debuted about a year ago, and measures two parts of engagement: influence (how you inspire others to share your tweets) and outreach (how much you respond to and retweet others)

3. HootSuite & Seesmic

Both products have history of providing social media monitoring tools, especially for small business and enterprise customers. Announced just last week, HootSuite has acquired Seesmic, and has pledged in the near term to support both products while working toward a single, unified platform for users.

4. ManageFlitter

Search for new people to follow, track who unfollowed you, and find your best time to post when the bulk of your followers are online with this comprehensive set of Twitter tools.

5. Social Mention

According to its website, Social Mention is a “social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content into a single stream of information.” It monitors over 100 social media sites, allowing you to track what people are saying about you, your product or service, your brand, etc.

6. Cyfe

Cyfe is an all in one business dashboard that helps you monitor and analyze data scattered across all your online services like Google Analytics, Salesforce, AdSense, MailChimp, Facebook, WordPress and more

7. Google Alerts

When there’s a topic you want to monitor, enter it in Google alerts to receive e-mail updates for the latest Google results of the term you’re searching.

8. Google Trends

With Google Trends, you can compare data on up to 5 terms or websites. Data to compare includes related sites and top searches for each term.

9. Pinerly

Analytics for visual social media, starting with Pinterest! Schedule pins, receive real-time analytics on which pins are being shared and liked the most. Pinerly also delivers data on best practices for those engaged in content creation and brand management.

10. SharedCount

Track your shares, likes, Tweets and more. SharedCount tracks Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn, Google +1, Pins, Delicious, and StumbleUpon.

11. Social Oomph

A suite of productivity enhancing tools for social media users, including Tweet scheduling, keyword tracking, and more.

12. Topsy

Want instant analysis of any topic, term or hashtag across years of conversations on millions of web sites? Topsy’s your site. You can compare social media reachover any timeframe, as Topsy counts the times tweets, terms, topics, slogans, hashtags or Twitter @-names appear across all users’ tweet streams.

13. TweetReach

Who’s reading your Tweets? Who’s sharing your Tweets? TweetReach measures the impact of conversations on social media.

14. TwitterGrader

How does your Twitter profile rank? A Hubspot tool, TwitterGrader lets you check the power of your Twitter profile compared to the other profiles (millions) that have been graded. Factors considered include number of followers and the extent to which you engage those followers.

15. WhatHashtag

When you’re looking for a hashtag that people are actually following, here’s the tool for you! WhatHashtag is a service that helps you find the most often used hashtags for keywords you enter. As a result, your Tweets on various topics are more likely to be seen by a greater audience.

Whew! There’s more information and analysis available than ever before, right? Did you discover a new way of understanding your social media influence and reputation that might help boost your business? I’d love to hear – leave me a comment below!


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    Thanks for the great list..;-) I just got social oomh this week LOL   My list and management just got a whole lot easier to handle!  You are a treasure ! Thanks for the amazing leadership!  I can waited to hug you in least than a week ! I really did have an amazing time in April . THE highlight of my year. 
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  2. says

    Nice list you put together Kim! Thank you!

    Twitter Grader and Hootsuite are both great tools as well as some of the others. I always prefer the tools that take the time to properly explain in detail how to use them and how they work.
    I'd like to learn your personal thoughts on "Hashtag" and "Social Mention" – I find both programs to be bogus and not even working most of the time. I've conducted several tests and it really does seem to be false information. Do you use ALL these tools for yourself and/or your clients?  
    Additionally, I've looked at both Klout and Kred. I can see the value in BOTH especially Klout, but it's not clear to me how to analyze the numbers and report value back to a client or even my own social media measurements. Do you have advice, a class, an article or something that discusses using these tools?
    (By the way, your  twitter grader URL is broken. you don't need the www. only the http:// )

    • adminadmin says

      Thanks for the tip on the link, Lisa! Yes, we do use the hashtag and the mention for sure! They are both critical elements of engagement on Twitter.

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    Please also consider including SocialMotus. We're a new, free social management tool platform for businesses and individuals. We’re building some innovative and powerful conversion tracking and social management features including priority messages inbox, targeted Twitter followers discovery, sales conversions by posts and much more.

    You can review it by signing up for free here or emailing me for more information.

  4. says

    Hi Kim,
    Well I'm currently using SocialMotus for monitoring all my social media activity. It is a great tool and very expensive in my oppinion but I was lucky enough to win a giveaway for a 1 year business plan. Beside that I'm a big fan of Tweetdeck but I don't use it that often anymore.
    Thanks for sharing these tools Kim, gonna go and check out some of them.
    Have a great day,cheers.

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  5. says

    Great list! I would like to add our tool, Antavo –
    It's for those businesses who want to generate leads for further marketing – newsletters or social marketing. You can run competitions – sweepstakes, coupons, giveaways, quizes and group offers. We have a really easy to use platform, and a free package. Kim, we would love to be included in your next list :)

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    For me, I’d rather incorporate one or two at a time, learn how they work, rather than just add all of them at once. Of those listed, which two or three would be the best ones for a person who is just learning the art & craft of Social Media?
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  7. says

    Of the several that are listed, which two or three would be the best ones for a person who is just learning the art & craft of Social Media? I would rather start with a couple, learn how to use them well, before taking on too much at one time.
    Look what Thomas Outt just posted..Box With A Swinging Lady!My Profile

  8. Jason Fox says

    This article was extremely informative as suggested reading in my Social Media Marketing: Basics and Beyond class. Very comprehensive, and helpful for somebody new in the industry. I look forward to following you.



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    Hey Kim,
    I would like to add to your list, which offers quite a comprehensive social media monitoring and analysis tool. Top features include influencers, sentiment, demographics, consumer quotes, custom alerts, tropical trends, competitor benchmarking & comparative benchmarking.

    Kim, we would love to offer you a demo and trial account of our tool. Happy to assist!


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