37 Ways to Build a Huge Brand on Periscope

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It’s hard to believe that Periscope is only a few months old! It has already become an integral part of my own marketing strategy, as its given me the opportunity to connect and build a connected community in a whole new way. If you are not already using Twitter’s new live streaming app to connect with your audience, now is the time to get on board. This post will help you get started with 37 ways to build a huge brand on Periscope!

37 ways to build a HUGE brand on Periscope:

  1. Offer live customer service. Be sure to save the videos so you can easily use them again in future!
  1. Make sure you turn on location tagging, especially if you are broadcasting live from an important event. Users who are looking for updates from those events will be far more likely to find and follow you.
  1. Be casual and personable. The beauty of live streaming is that it’s candid and spontaneous. It’s totally okay to forgo a script and speak off-the-cuff…especially for casual chats.
  1. Share product demos. Is one of your Facebook fans or Twitter followers asking for help with using a product? Share a live video demo rather than writing out your explanation.
  1. Launch Periscope contests and giveaways. These are great for generating a buzz and increasing your followers.
  1. Follow back those who actively engage with you and more importantly, have quality Periscope content as well. As with any social network, following back those who regularly engage with you is just good etiquette.
  1. Share sales and coupons: 52% of Twitter users follow brands on Twitter for the deals and promotions, so give them what they want!
  1. Promote your Periscope videos via your other social media channels. When you are about to start streaming, let your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followers know about it in advance.
  1. Answer questions live. Building your brand on any social networking site means actively engaging with your audience. When live streaming, make sure you acknowledge and respond to comments and questions posted during your broadcast. If you have an active scope, you can always use katch.me to go back later and respond to missed comments and/or questions.
  1. Ask your followers to share your scopes. As they get to know you and feel that you offer great value, they will be more than happy to share you within their communities.
  1. Broadcast regularly. Stay top-of-mind by broadcasting on a regular basis. I would recommend at least once a day if you really want to grow your brand.
  1. Share behind-the-scenes shots. Show your followers what your office looks like, or introduce them to your team and/or staff.
  1. Hold Q&A sessions. Not sure what to talk about? Let your followers do the talking! Announce that you will be available to answer any questions your audience may have.
  1. Launch a new product. Let your followers in on the excitement by doing a live product launch. The key is to highlight the product, how the product solves a pain point for them and share how they can BUY.
  1. Let your Periscope followers in on live events. The next time you’re speaking at an event, broadcast it live…you can even respond to questions posed by your Periscope followers!
  1. Make sure your phone is fully charged before you broadcast. No brainer, right? But more than a few broadcasts have been cut short for this very reason.
  1. Review a product. Have a favorite product your audience would love? Tell them about it live on Periscope!
  1. Focus on coming up with an enticing title for your broadcast. This is the only clue your followers have as to what your broadcast is going to be about.
  1. Ask for hearts from time to time. Hearts on Periscope are a form of social proof and they are an indicator that you have something worth watching!
  1. Share or respond to breaking news as it happens.
  1. Experiment with your timing. There’s an optimal time to post to most social networks, but because Periscope is so new, it will be up to you to figure out what that time is for your audience! My suggestion is to let your viewers dictate the length of your scopes. You will get a sense for when things are starting to slow down and you will know that's it's time to end the broadcast.
  1. Make sure your Periscope handle is recognizable. Make it easy for new followers to find you using search.
  1. If it fits with your brand, use emojis in your titles. It can help your broadcasts stand out in users’ feeds.
  1. Turn Twitter sharing on. Be sure to click on the Twitter icon on your screen so your Twitter followers are notified of your broadcasts.
  1. Optimize your Periscope bio for SEO.  Your bios are searchable so make sure to use relevant keywords, including your full business name, industry and main topics you’ll be covering.
  1. Analyze your analytics. At the end of each broadcast, review retention rates and number of viewers to optimize your future broadcasts. I would also suggest monitoring the replay viewers and number of hearts so that you can gauge the popularity of your content.
  1. Use Periscope for modern-day video blogging. Sharing your vlogs on YouTube is SO 2014.
  1. Save your broadcasts for future use. Periscope broadcasts are automatically available for viewing for 24 hours, but if you want to save them to use again in future, make sure to select ‘Autosave Broadcasts’ under Settings within the app.
  1. Participate, heart and share other people’s broadcasts. Get involved in the greater community by engaging and adding value to the conversation in other people’s broadcasts.
  1. Create broadcasts that are consistent with your brand. Stick to using the same “voice” you use for your other marketing initiatives.
  1. Use Periscope for influencer marketing. Interview an expert or celebrity in your niche and Periscope it on your account.
  1. Show sneak peeks of upcoming products. This is a great way to generate a buzz before you have even officially launched!
  1. Supplement your blog posts. Have a blog post that’s getting a lot of attention? Instead of writing a follow-up post, why not share your reactions and thoughts on Periscope?
  1. Share short tutorials. Periodically share short tutorials that show your followers how to deal with a common problem or issue.
  1. Use promoted tweets to expand the reach of your most important broadcasts.
  1. Make sure to include your website URL in your bio to make it easy for visitors to find you! Links are hyperlinked if you use a complete URL in your bio. Example: http://www.scopingforbiz.com. When you include a complete URL, it is clickable when others check out your bio.
  1. Engage in conversations, not just 1-way broadcasts. The beauty of a live streaming app like Periscope is its ability to facilitate live engagement. Welcome new viewers, ask and answer questions and refer to comments made during your broadcast.

And there you have it: 37 ways to build a huge brand on Periscope!

Looking for more help with using Periscope for your business? Check out 7 Ways to Engage Your Audience on Periscope and Periscope 101: What You Need to Know to Get Started.

Are you using Periscope for your business? Why or why not? Share below!

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Shalon Ironroad
Shalon Ironroad
8 years ago

Kim, I have LOVED watching you on Periscope. I feel like I know you! Thank you for these tips and for the generous education you give us.

5 years ago

This is good for everyone

3 years ago

You are absolutely right on the post. Periscope is a real handy tool when it comes to live video streaming. We used it for delivering our live online courses and got huge responses and positive feedback from the learners from all social media channels. I, personally really want to thank Periscope and going to use it as one of our primary tools for the online classes

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