One of the BEST Business Investments I Have Ever Made

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As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly making investments in ourselves and our businesses.

So, it’s important to really think about how we’re going to get the biggest bang for our buck!

For me, my education has definitely been one of my best investments.

But we also need to invest in resources and tools that will save us time and money in our businesses.


In this post, I want to highlight one such tool. It’s actually a tool I’ve been using for a long time, but that has recently become extremely useful and valuable to me because of something I’ve been working on.

As you may know, during the Covid pandemic, I launched a course for my community around video sales letters.

And suddenly I realized – this tool does exactly what I teach in this course!

I use this tool every single day, so why am I not sharing it with my peeps?

When you’re trying to create sales online, it requires so many tools…right? Well this ONE tool is going to be your best business investment, because it’s a one-stop-shop when it comes to making sales online.

And the name of this tool?  ThriveCart.

How I Started Using ThriveCart

One of the BEST Business Investments I Have Ever Made

Back in the day, I used another shopping cart that cost me $97/month.

Someone shared ThriveCart with me and I went to check it out, but it was a lump-sum payment. Initially, that threw me off a bit. Because it was a one-time payment, it was more than what I was paying monthly.

But when I finally came around, I ditched my $97/month tool and paid the one-time fee.

And you know what, not only did it pay for itself in 5-6 months, it’s saved me over $6,000 so far, and has MADE me much more $$ than that!

How Thrivecart Can Make YOU More Money

You’re probably thinking, “That’s great Kim! I’m so glad it’s helped you make money…but how can it help ME make more money in my business?”.

Here’s how it’s helped me, and how it can help you too!

1. Add Order Bumps to Your Shopping Cart.

If you’re not familiar with an order bump, here’s a brief example.

Let’s say you’re selling Widget X, and it’s $20. Now, Widget Y is something else you want to sell, that corresponds with Widget X…but it’s something you don’t have a sales page for.

So, you could say, “Hey, when you buy Widget X, you also get Widget Y for a nominal price” (say, $15).

Instead of just selling Widget X for $20, you’re now selling both Widget X and Y, and making $35.

Nice, right?

With ThriveCart, this all happens directly inside your shopping cart…and you don’t have to know a lot of techy stuff to make it work!

2. Email People Who Abandon Their Shopping Cart.


Do you ever have people who land on your shopping cart page, but then never end up buying?

With ThriveCart, you can actually send an automated email to remind them to go back and complete their purchase.

Things happen in life! Maybe they were ready to buy, but then the doorbell rang, or the phone rang, and they got interrupted in the middle of the process.

This lets you circle back to them and get them to come back into the fold.

3. Set up Your Own Affiliate Program.

One of the BEST Business Investments I Have Ever Made

Do people ever ask you if you have an affiliate program, and you have to say no?

I know the idea of setting up your own program seems overwhelming, especially if you’re not technically-minded!

Fortunately, ThriveCart Pro lets you easily set up your own affiliate program, right within the tool. This is actually how I set up my affiliate program!

4. Test Out Different Looks for Your Shopping Cart.


This is a super valuable feature!

It can be hard to know exactly what options, features or looks work best for your shopping cart. Which ones are going to bring in the most $$?

With ThriveCart, you can actually create two carts, and send traffic to each of them to see which one converts highest.

It gives you that data right within the tool, so you’re always making as much money as possible.

That’s just good marketing!

5. Use Countdown Timers To Create Urgency.

One of the BEST Business Investments I Have Ever Made

You’ve probably seen people use these countdown timers on their sales pages.

In ThriveCart, you can actually put a timer on your checkout page to encourage people to take action…NOW!

You can decide exactly how long the timer will run, and what people get if they buy before the timer is done (e.g., a special discounted price).

And again, you don’t need to be techy at ALL to use this feature!

How to Use ThriveCart to Create a Video Sales Letter

While all these features are AH-MAZING (!), the one that really brought this tool back to my attention was the ability to create video sales letters.

Here is a page I created completely with ThriveCart.

You’ll notice the right side of the page is a section that basically tells them what’s in it for them, and lists all the benefits of the product.

And in the middle, you’ll see the payment section, as well as the order bump (the LinkedIn Cover Templates).

Pretty snazzy right?

But as I mentioned, what really drew my attention back to this tool was the ability to build a video sales letter. I don’t have an active video on this page right now, but I wanted to show you how easy it would be to add one to this page using ThriveCart. Just…like…this:

As you can see, the video sales letter goes right at the top of the page.

And again, you do this all right within ThriveCart!

You can create a video of you talking, or you can create an “ugly video sales letter”, which is just a PowerPoint with some text on it.

Either way, there’s a formula for creating these videos…a formula that doesn’t require you to pay $5-$10K to hire a copywriter, and that converts higher than a regular sales page – sometimes by up to 5-10%.

There’s a formula for creating these videos…a formula that doesn’t require you to pay $5-$10K to hire a copywriter, and that converts higher than a regular sales page – sometimes by up to 5-10%.Click To Tweet

But how does the average entrepreneur create a video sales letter in way that makes sense? This is one mechanism that allows you to quickly and easily insert your video into your sales page, giving you all the ordering functionality underneath.

When I realized I could build a video sales letter right within ThriveCart, I was over the moon, especially because I’m teaching people how to create video sales letters right now.

There are lots of shopping cart tools out there, but in my opinion, ThriveCart is way bigger and better than their competitors.

Wondering how ThriveCart stacks up against other popular shopping carts? My team built this graphic so you can see exactly what you get with ThriveCart.

thrivecart-samcart-paykickstart-comparison chart

To see the full comparison, CLICK HERE

I consider myself pretty techie, but details are not my strong suit. I’ll be totally transparent: I like to do things QUICK, and I’m always looking for the fastest possible way to do stuff. ThriveCart lets me to that.

This tool is probably the best money I’ve ever spent in my business.

Not only has it saved me money, it actually allows me to MAKE more money.

And what excites me the most about it is the fact it allows anyone to do the same!

Plus, I love that it’s a one-time payment, which is going to save you a ton of money in the long run.

Want to check out ThriveCart for yourself?

The life-time payment could go away at any time, so make sure to grab it for yourself ASAP!

Get ThriveCart Now.

If you want to learn more about Thrivecart, check out my post, How to Use ThriveCart: A Guide to Boosting Your Revenue and Easily Tracking Your Business with a Cart Platform.

I’d love to know if you end up buying ThriveCart, and how it works for you. Let me know in the comments below!

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As always, the information you deliver is gold. Thank you So much! I truly appreciate the work you do.

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