How to Use Clubhouse for Business

Are you excited to start using Clubhouse for your business?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of this popular (that’s an understatement!) new social networking app.


However, if you haven’t been lucky enough to receive an invite to the private beta version of the Clubhouse app, you may be wondering exactly what all the buzz is about.

And if you’re a business owner, you’re probably also curious about how to use Clubhouse for business.

In this post, I’m going to give you the scoop on using Clubhouse for business, including:

What is the Clubhouse app used for?

What types of businesses should be using the Clubhouse social app?

Which specific strategies can you use on Clubhouse to get leads and grow your business?

And if you’re looking for a detailed guide to getting started on the app (including how to get a Clubhouse invite!), be sure to check out my post, What is the Clubhouse App? Everything You Need to Know.

What is the Clubhouse App Used For? 

A preview of the Clubhouse “Hallway”

Clubhouse is a voice chat app that lets you engage in audio conversations with people you may or may not know.

The app can be used in a number of different ways, and has many benefits for business owners including:

  • Being seen as a leader or expert in your field. The more time you spend on “stage” as a speaker, and the more value you bring, the more your influence will grow.
  • Growing your followers on your other social media accounts. I’ll give you a specific strategy for this below.
  • Talking to people you would NEVER normally come into contact with. The app is a favorite among many celebrities, influencers, and industry leaders. Where else can you get access to these people in real-time?
  • Having a voice in important, timely conversations. If there’s something going on in your industry or in the world, you can bet there’s a “room” on Clubhouse where people are talking about it!
  • Creating a community. Right now, most of your audience likely isn’t on Clubhouse. However, as it grows, consider using Clubhouse “clubs” as an alternative to Facebook groups.
  • Getting leads and sales. When you use Clubhouse as part of your overall marketing funnel, you’ll be amazed at how many leads you can generate…fast!

Don’t believe you can achieve all these benefits through using Clubhouse?

Within 24 hours of using the app, digital marketer Gary Henderson gained 2000+ Instagram followers, 10+ Twitter followers, booked 3+ strategy sessions, and booked a podcast guest with over 2.7 million followers.

Within 24 hours of using the app, digital marketer Gary Henderson gained 2000+ Instagram followers, 10+ Twitter followers, booked 3+ strategy sessions, and booked a podcast guest with over 2.7 million followers.Click To Tweet

Not bad for a single day of work, right?

What Types of Businesses Should be Using the Clubhouse Social App?

Businesses in every niche are using Clubhouse, including fitness professionals, realtors, songwriters, and many others.

The short answer?

Any type of business can use Clubhouse.

If you want to connect with others in your field, and participate in conversations happening in your industry, there’s no better place right now than the Clubhouse social app.

Don’t believe me? Here are just a few of the industry-specific rooms I’ve seen recently on Clubhouse:

“Best Way for Producers & Songwriters to Lock in Placements”

“Be a Real Estate Boss: Wholesaling/Rentals/Rehabs”

“Behind the Lens: Photographers, Models, Actors, MUA, Hair”

“Wedding Pros: Instagram Marketing 101”

I’ve also seen rooms for health and fitness, marketing, parenting, spirituality/religion, sports, finance, nutrition, and so many other industries!

So if you have the time to jump on Clubhouse, you’re sure to find something related to your field or niche!

6 Tips for Using Clubhouse for Business

So now that we’ve covered some basics, you’re probably wondering – practically speaking – how you should be using the Clubhouse social app for business.

Following are 6 tips to help you get started. 

1. Choose a Username That’s Easily Recognizable.

You can only change your username once, so choose wisely!

When you first download the app, you’ll have the opportunity to reserve your username. Fortunately, if you experience a case of “username regret” later on, the name isn’t set in stone.

However, you only have the option to change your username ONCE…so make it count!

There are a few strategies to consider when choosing your username:

  • Use your real name. I’ve noticed that the vast majority of users so far are using their full name (e.g., my username is Kim Garst).
  • Use your business name. I’ve seen this as well, though not as often (e.g., NY Digital).
  • Use important keywords. Again, I’ve seen some users doing this, but not as often. (e.g., Miami Realtor).

My take?

If possible, use your real name. People are on Clubhouse to connect with other people.

That said, take a look around and see what others in your niche or field are doing. I’ve noticed different trends in different niches: for instance, in some niches it seems to be more common to use keywords in usernames (e.g., “Fitness Coach”, “Parenting Expert”, etc.)

2. Link to Your Instagram and Twitter Accounts.

 These are the only live links you can share in your bio.

Clubhouse only gives you one way to include live links in your bio: and that’s by connecting to your Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Why is this so important?

This is going to be the #1 way people connect with you, since Clubhouse doesn’t have a way to direct message other users.

This is going to be the #1 way people connect with you, since Clubhouse doesn’t have a way to direct message other users.Click To Tweet

To connect your accounts, go to your bio and simply click on the Add Twitter and Add Instagram links.

You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to connect, and then you’ll need to log in to your accounts. That’s it! You now have live links to your Insta and Twitter profiles. 

3. Optimize Your Bio for Leads.

If you want people to take that next step and connect with you off Clubhouse, you’ll want to let them know exactly how to do that!

On my bio, I include a link (not a live one…but something short and easy to remember) to my latest training or offer.

I also include my email and let people know that’s how they can arrange to have me come speak.

Finally, I let people know EXACTLY what to do once they’ve read through my bio:

  1. Click follow,
  2. Click the bell to get notifications when I speak, and
  3. DM me on Instagram to chat.

4. Optimize Your Bio for Search.

Want more people in your niche to find and follow you?

Make sure you’re using important keywords in your bio. Use your company name, product names, words and phrases your customers and clients use…you know, basic keyword research stuff!

Keep in mind that the first three lines of your bio are the most important, as that’s what gets shown when people first click on your profile:

Make sure you’re using words and phrases that are going to entice people to click through to see your full profile!

5. Regularly Start Rooms (and Always Include a CTA) 

Rooms, of course, are where all the conversations take place.

Participating in other people’s rooms is great – but if you really want to be seen as a leader in your field, you’ll definitely want to start your own rooms as well.

When you’re the founder of a room, you get to decide on the topic and description, invite speakers and moderators, and just generally guide the conversation.

You also get to invite the audience to connect with you afterwards by visiting your website, connecting with you on IG or Twitter, or by downloading a free offer.

This is a HUGE benefit to you, as a business owner! Being able to include a call to action (CTA) in your room is one of the best ways to continue connecting with participants, long after your current conversation has ended.

Another reason to create your own rooms?

Clubhouse requires you to host three regularly-scheduled rooms before you’re allowed to create a club – which leads us to #6…

 6. Create a Club for Members of Your Audience.  

 An example of a Clubhouse club for actors and creatives.  

Clubs give you a centralized location on the app to connect with your audience. I consider them the Clubhouse version of Facebook groups.

When you’re the founder of a club, you get to decide on the topic of the club, and have the final say on who joins the club (and who leaves it).

You can then host private or public events for your members and followers, and they’ll receive notifications for these events.

Some ideas for rooms you can create for club members include:

  • An “Ask Me Anything” room with leaders in your industry
  • A casual chat room where members can just hang out and connect
  • An informational session where you tackle a specific issue or problem (e.g., “How to Land Your First Client”)
  • A crowdsourcing room where everyone’s input is welcome (e.g., “Your Best Tips for Being Productive While Working from Home”)

While Clubhouse clubs are still in their infancy, I can see them becoming an ah-MAZ-ing way for business owners to connect with their audience within the app.

I can’t wait to see all the creative ways businesses use them in the coming months!

How are YOU Using Clubhouse for Business?

Clubhouse is still so new, and the dynamics are changing every single day.

However, I hope this post has given you some direction so you can start using the Clubhouse social app for your business today.

And if you’re still struggling to figure out how the app works or how to get an invite, you’re not alone! Be sure to check out my detailed guide, What is the Clubhouse App: Everything You Need to Know.

How are you using Clubhouse for business? I would LOVE to know! Comment below.  

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