How to Generate Fast Cash: Go From Zero to $5K in 5 Days

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Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to generate fast cash? Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • A client suddenly pulled out of a big contract, and you’re left scrambling to replace that $$ so you can pay the bills this month…
  • Your laptop unexpectedly bites the bullet, and you’re not quite sure where you’re going to get the money to replace it…
  • You’ve been working your butt off for months and could REALLY use a vacation, but unless you get a major influx of cash this is nothing more than a daydream…
  • Or maybe you don’t have an urgent need for money, but would really love to have some extra cash on hand so things just aren’t so darn TIGHT all the time?!

Whatever the case, I’m guessing you wouldn’t turn down some fast cash…right?

Here are 4 Ways You Can Generate FAST Cash – Starting Today!

1. Offer a Flash Deal to Existing Clients


If you already have a service-based business, one of the best ways to generate cash fast is to contact existing customers with a special, time-limited offer. For instance, you could offer:

  • 25% off all packages booked in the next 48 hours
  • A bonus 60-minute consult for anyone who books this week
  • A special 2 for 1 deal on your services…today only

This can be a great way to offer true value to your clients, while also getting a healthy influx of cash for yourself!

2. Promote an Affiliate Product to Your Audience

If you’ve already built up a bit of an audience via your blog or social media, this can be a great way to earn cash, fast. Find a high-ticket affiliate product that your audience needs, write a review of it on your blog, and promote it via email and social media. For a perfect example, check out my recent blog, Why I Love

While you can definitely find affiliate products through sites like ShareASale or ClickBank, one of the best ways to earn huge affiliate commissions is by promoting software and hosting companies. For instance, hosting company SiteGround pays up to $125 per sale, and WordPress theme company StudioPress pays up to $350 per sale. Volusion – a company that sells e-commerce sites – pays up to $2000 per sale!

3. Write and Sell an eBook or Guide

While it generally takes a while to write an entire eBook or guide, if you can use existing content – like old blog posts or emails – you can create something in no time flat.

While it generally takes a while to write an entire eBook or guide, if you can use existing content – like old blog posts or emails – you can create something in no time flat.Click To Tweet

Once you’ve created the main content of your book or guide, use a free tool like Canva to format it and to create an eye-catching cover. Now sign up for a $5/month account with e-Junkie, upload your book, and start promoting and selling it to your audience!

4. Hustle Your Way into Quick Money


Sometimes, all it takes to generate some fast cash is to get off your butt, get out there, and hustle. Call up people who have expressed an interest in your services and see if they need any work done. Let them know you’re doing your bookings for the next few months, so if they’ll need your services, they need to let you know, now! Require a deposit up front, or let them know they’ll get a discount if they pay the whole amount now. Boom…Fast Cash!

But, What if You Don’t Have an Existing Audience or Clients?

At this point, some of you may asking: What do I do if I have no existing clients and no audience online? Is it still possible to earn thousands of $$$…fast? Over the 28 years I’ve been building successful businesses – and helping thousands of others do the same – I’ve learned a thing or two about generating extra money, fast.

And I have to say, it’s a pretty cool thing to see people go from struggling with make ends meet, to earning a surplus of cash…all without having to hire anyone, deal with a bunch of technical stuff, and even without having an existing audience online.

It’s a pretty cool thing to see people go from struggling with make ends meet, to earning a surplus of cash…all without having to hire anyone, deal with a bunch of technical stuff, and even without having an existing audience online.Click To Tweet

And why this is so cool? It means virtually anyone can do it – you don’t need to be an internet marketing expert or business guru, and you don’t need to invest a ton of money.

You Just Need to Show Up, Be Committed to Learning the Techniques, and Then DO IT!

This is something I’ve been teaching people to do for years (and have actually been doing myself, too). However, over the past months, I decided I wanted to make it fast and easy for anyone. Even those who can’t afford a private consultation with me CAN learn these techniques to make the money they need, fast. And the result?

Cash on Command™ – Your Roadmap to 5 Figures in 5 Days

This is a simple yet extremely powerful program I developed that anyone can use to start earning money, fast. It can – and WILL – help you generate thousands of dollars quickly without adding hours of extra work to your already jam-packed to-do list.

You can finally earn extra cash so you can afford that thing you really want or really need. You can do this in as little as a week even if you’re pressed for time and don’t have a big team to support you. Feeling a little skeptical? I don’t blame you! Here are some of the results people just like YOU are seeing after taking my Cash on Command™ course:

  • In only 14 days, Jasmine used this strategy to bring in a cool $30K!
  • When Jennifer started implementing this, she was able to rake in $10,000… in just 72 hours!
  • In under 2 weeks, Amy used this technique to stuff $10K into her account!
  • Anne and Katie both cleared over $5K in only 2 weeks with this exact strategy!

And these people aren’t the only ones… the average 1-week earnings when people start using this technique is $8,000!

This no-nonsense, step-by-step program will take the guesswork and risk out of the process, allowing you to start making extra money today!

Final Thoughts

Sometimes generating fast cash simply means getting out there, talking to old clients, pitching new ones, or creating something really useful for your audience. And sometimes, it means learning and implementing some new techniques that have already proven effective for others. Either way, I hope this post has shown you that it IS possible to generate cash fast, no matter which strategy you use! How are YOU going to start generating cash today?

Ready to generate $5K in 5 days?

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Shreya Rane
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Misty Summers
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Baker ST
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alfred baker
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