10 Quick and Easy Ways to Get More People In Your Facebook Group

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BLOG LAST UPDATED: August 21, 2019

Do you have a Facebook group for your business?

Over 200 million people are now part of meaningful groups on Facebook – and Facebook is trying to grow this number to 1 billion over the next few years.

Facebook groups are a fantastic way to provide value to your audience, while growing your traffic, email list and sales.

They provide a more personal, interactive environment where you can:

  • Give advice on common problems or issues related to your industry
  • Become a trusted expert in your field
  • Connect your customers or clients with one another
  • Promote your free content (blog posts, eBooks, guides, webinars, etc.).

But while Facebook groups can be amazing brand-building tools, getting people to actually JOIN them can be a challenge.

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This post will outline 10 quick and easy ways you can start growing your Facebook group today!

1. Make Sure Your Group Name and Info are Optimized for Facebook Search

When you first start a group, you’ll be asked to come up with a name. This is where your optimization starts. 

If you want people to be able to find you via Facebook’s search function, choose a keyword-rich, descriptive name.

So, if your group is for moms who want to start a business, instead of a name like “Business Moms”, consider a more descriptive name like Moms In Business: Advice For Women Entrepreneurs (there are 4 keywords in this title instead of two: moms, business, women, entrepreneurs).

Same goes for your group description: choose keywords you think people will use to find your group. Before you start writing, you may want to come up with a list of words or phrases you want to include. Some basic keyword research will come in helpful here.

Another way to optimize your group is to use tags. Facebook lets you choose up to five tags or “keywords” you want your group to be found for. Be sure to use all five so you can get more people in your facebook group!

2. Link Your Facebook Group to Your Facebook Page

Chances are you already have a Facebook page for your business. But have you linked it to your Facebook group?

Here’s how to do it:

Go to your page, and find the Groups tab in the left sidebar:Linkfacebook_10-Quick-and-Easy-Ways-to-Get-More-People

If you don’t see the Groups tab here, you’ll first need to add it by following these instructions.

Now click on the tab, and you’ll be able to link your group to your page, AND add a “Visit Group” button just below your Page cover photo.


Once you’ve finished this, your group will now be visible both when people click on the Groups tab in your Page sidebar, AND they’ll see the “Visit Group” button…which is GREAT for getting some additional visibility!

3. Use Calls to Action in Your Blog Posts, Podcasts, Webinars and Email Signatures

Remember: Your group is probably one of the primary places where you’ll offer advice and support to your audience. So don’t be afraid to promote it EVERYWHERE!

Use calls to action (CTAs) to join your group wherever it makes sense: in the content of your blog posts, at the end of your posts, in your podcasts, in your webinars and Facebook Lives, and in your email signature.

Use calls to action (CTAs) to join your group wherever it makes sense: in the content of your blog posts, at the end of your posts, in your podcasts, in your webinars and Facebook Lives, and in your email signature.Click To Tweet

Remember to tell your audience why they’d want to join…in other words, make it very clear what’s in it for THEM!

4. Create a Custom URL and/or Use an URL Shortener that You Can Use to Drive Traffic.

When getting more people in your facebook group, it’s super helpful to have a short and memorable group URL. Unfortunately, the URL that Facebook assigns by default looks something like this: www.facebook.com/groups/5238523879.

Fortunately, it’s easy to change your URL to something that’s easy to remember. Go to the button at the top of your group that has three dots (next to the Share button), and then click Edit Group Settings.


Next, scroll down to Web Address. Click Change Address, and then create an alias for your group. Whatever you choose will now be part of your customized group URL (e.g., www.facebook.com/groups/yourgroupname).

And if you’re looking for an even shorter and more memorable URL to use when sharing your group, remember you can always use an URL shortener (like Bitly) to create super-short URLS. These tools also let you track the analytics on your shortened URLS, which is a great bonus!

5. Invite New Email Subscribers to Join Your Group

Hopefully, you’ve already set up an autoresponder series that goes out to your new email subscribers (you have, right??).

This is a prime location to let people know about the value you offer through your Facebook group. You can dedicate an entire email to your Facebook group, include a link to your group, or add an invite as a “P.S.” at the end of your email.

Again, whatever you decide, be sure to let your new subscribers know exactly what benefit they’ll get out of joining your group!

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6. Use the Facebook Group Plugin on Your Website and Email

Want to promote your group via your blog or email list? Fortunately, Facebook now offers a plugin for that!

The Facebook Group plugin comes in two versions: the web version and the email version.

The web version lets you plug in your info, and then grab the code so you can put it on your website or blog:


The email version lets you send an invite via email…so these members will show as “invited members”.

To get this code, navigate to your group, and find the Embed Invite link next to “Add Members”.


Now simply click on Embed Invite to get the code you need to add to your email. It’s that easy!

7. Add an Invite on Your Thank You Pages

Your thank you pages are another great place to promote your group. After people have purchased a product, booked a service, or joined your email list, many will simply leave your site without taking any further action.

Rather than lose out on an additional opportunity to connect, use a strong CTA on your thank you page to entice them to check out your group.

You can even use the group plugin you set up in #6! A double purpose way to get more people in your facebook group!

8. Add a Link on Your 404 Pages

Normally we don’t think of 404 pages (“page not found”) as a good thing, since they indicate that your website visitors aren’t finding what they’re looking for.

BUT, since 404 pages are one of those inevitables in life, why not make the most of them?

Do this by including a call to action inviting people to join your Facebook group.


Not sure how to do this? If you have a WordPress blog it’s simple using a 404 plugin like 404page (pictured above).

Point out to your visitors that while the page they requested in no longer available, there’s plenty of help and information available in your group!

9. Mention Your Group in Podcast Interviews and Guest Blogging Bios

Interviews and guest blogs are a great way to extend your reach outside your usual audience. Make the most of these opportunities by mentioning (or linking to) your group wherever relevant to get more people in your group.

This could include mentioning something interesting that happened in your group (respecting your members’ privacy, of course), or talking about the personalized advice you offer through your group.

And don’t forget about linking to your group in your guest blog bio! While getting a link should never be the goal of your guest blogging efforts, it can help with getting traffic – and even increased search engine rankings – for your group.

10. Add a Group Link to Your Social Media Profile Bios

 Your Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest bios are prime locations to promote your group. When you connect with someone new on any of these sites, your bio is the first place they’ll look to learn more about you.


Again, be very clear about “what’s in it for them”! Let them know exactly who your group is for and what benefit it offers so you get more people in your facebook group.

11. Bonus Strategy: Link to Your Group in Your Website’s Navigation Bar

Your navigation bar is prime real estate, so why not use it to grow your Facebook group? Create a button or menu item that promotes your Facebook group; you could call it “Support”, “Community” or of course just “Facebook group”.

Then be sure to link that button directly to your group (or to a landing page that tells people a bit more about your group).

Between your navigational link, the plugin in your sidebar, and the links on your blog posts and thank you and 404 pages, your visitors won’t stand a chance of missing out on your group!

Final Thoughts

Facebook groups are a powerful tool for almost any kind of business. If you’re looking for more personal interaction with your audience, and would like to build traffic, trust and sales, building and promoting your own Facebook group is a fantastic option!

Facebook groups are a powerful tool for almost any kind of business. If you’re looking for more personal interaction with your audience, and would like to build traffic, trust and sales, building and promoting your own Facebook group is a fantastic option!Click To Tweet

Looking for more tips? Check out my post How To Start And Grow A Profitable Facebook Group.

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Do you have a Facebook group for your business? Link to it below, and let us know which tip(s) above you’re planning to use to get more members!


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Aditya Aggarwal
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siba mahapatro
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kevin Thomas
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Pro Mill
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Pat Layton
Pat Layton
2 years ago

Kim you are amazing!! Thankyou for this! I have anew podcast and have never been good with my Facebook Groups–I am inspired :))

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