How To Get Powerful Testimonials From Your Customers

How To Get Powerful Testimonials From Your Customers
How To Get Powerful Testimonials From Your Customers

“People Influence People”…Mark Zuckerberg

People influence people! This is why customer testimonials are so huge!Click To Tweet

We all want bigger sales, higher conversion rates, more qualified leads, and more credibility. The question is, how do we get there? One of the easiest and most effective ways is customer testimonials, or as I prefer to call them, customer stories. But how do you get powerful testimonials from your customers?

Client testimonials may seem difficult. However, I am here to tell you; it is possible to put together compelling testimonials quickly and easily.

Let’s get started.

Why Should I Use Customer Testimonials?

Testimonials are marketing gold. By sharing current customers' stories, you create trust. And trust sells.

By sharing current customers' stories, you create trust. And trust sells. Click To Tweet

You can overcome a potential client’s objections by presenting actual, satisfied customers. Not just some promotional copy of you saying how great you are.

Testimonials are the best way to increase your visitors trust.Click To Tweet

People have a natural distrust of marketing materials and sales people. Your potential clients want to hear from real people who have used your product or service.  Word of mouth marketing is a powerful tool. Make sure you use it.

How do you go about putting a testimonial together? I have a few suggestions for you…

Who is reading your testimonials?  Trust Me There Are Real People On The Other Side Of That Computer Screen

The Best Questions For Client Testimonials

The main goal of a testimonial is to address any concerns or doubts a potential client might have. You probably already know what these are.  If you have more than one question, I suggest you create individual testimonials for each concern. Don't lump everything into one long testimonial.

Here is the outline I like to use when putting a testimonial together:

  • Address A Potential Client Question
  • Pick A Customer Who Answers The Question
  • Focus On A Single Feature
  • Focus On Any Secondary Feature
  • Get Client to Recommend My Services
  • List Results

For example:

 “My business is THRIVING…thanks to Kim Garst. She's not only taught me a ton about social media, but has also helped me build the systems and strategies I need to run a more efficient business and win more clients. Training with Kim was the smartest move I have ever made for my business. Money more than well spent.”

 Theresa Cifali

 See how the testimonial addresses all the items in the outline?

  • Address A Question: Is hiring Kim a good investment? What is my ROI?
  • Pick A Customer Who Answers The Question: Theresa Cifali
  • Focus On A Single Feature: Social Media
  • Focus On Any Secondary Feature: Systems & Strategies
  • Get Client to Recommend My Services: Yes
  • List Results: Business is thriving.

Easy, right? By following this outline, you give the potential client exactly what they need to make the switch to a paying customer.

Now that you know what information to put in your testimonial, how do you go about getting one?

{Hear what I have to say about social proof: What Is Social Proof And Why Do I Need It?}

How To Put Together A Testimonial

You have a pretty good idea who will give you the best customer feedback. Go back through your emails. Look for any online customer feedback with positive comments.

If the clients address any of your “questions”, these are the people you want to contact.

After you have selected the customers, send them an email asking for a testimonial. If you know they can address a particular topic, ask them:

Hey, I know our work on social media helped your business. Can you send over a couple of sentences on how my knowledge of social media and systems and strategies helped your business? And if you have any concrete numbers that would be great. I am trying to get some testimonials together. ”

They may or may not send you back exactly what you are looking for, or they may not send over anything at all. At this point, I suggest you put together something with the information you have and send it back over to the customer for approval.

Here are a few sentences I put together based on our previous conversations. Do you mind if I use these on our website and marketing collateral?”

Once you have the client’s approval and the testimonial fits the outline above, go ahead and post away.

I would love to hear how testimonials have affected your business. I find them quite beneficial. Drop me a comment below and tell me your “story”.

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Kenneth King
Kenneth King
5 years ago

Thanks for the tips. Very helpful

4 years ago

Jet another amazing article, Kim. You never fail to point out that reviewing has become one of the most valued form of advertising these days.

Tristan Chua
Tristan Chua
4 years ago

Customer feedback is one of the major keys in business. Great article! Keep it up.

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