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You know when your friends tag a less-than-perfect photo of you on Facebook? Well, Instagram users beware — that same joy can be yours now! Instagram announced that the photo tagging ability that we've all come to love on Facebook will now be available on its platform. Photos that you are tagged in will appear in a “Photos Of You” section on your profile.

What You Need To Know About Instagram's Latest Photo Feature

  • In an effort to protect users, Instagram has followed Facebook's tagging lead by giving users until May 16th before allowing labeled pics to become part of our online public domains.
  • Once an Instagram photo of you has been posted and identified, it will automatically show up in the “Photos Of You” section of your profile.
  • The technology notifies tagged users and requires an approval before officially becoming a public image. Users even have the ability to detag themselves in pics they don't want forever associated with their account.

If this process sounds familiar to you, it should; Facebook officially added Instagram to its social media empire back in 2012. Facebook purchased the photo posting site for a whopping $1 billion dollars…and as yet, has not turned a profit. However, the Instagram tagging feature may change that. It's no secret that Facebook has successfully used photo tagging technology to help businesses extend the reach of their corporate brand and also help generate revenue for Facebook directly – now Instagram is hoping to do the same.

Using Instagram Photo Tagging To Propel Your Business Brand

While this latest feature is sure to excite individual Instagram users who can now endlessly tag their friends on every image uploaded, this particular technology can offer the most significant value to businesses. Brands have been successful in using Instagram to create a “vibe” for themselves — showcasing their style, offices and personality.

The new tagging feature creates the possibility for even more customer interactions. Every picture ANYBODY posts is now an opportunity for brands to be identified (tagged) and shared throughout the site's global network. Also each labeled pic can now be indexed and searched for — yielding long term social media marketing ROI.

The best part of Instagram's tagging feature? YOU get final say in what will and will not be made a public piece of your online brand. So get ready to reinforce you corporate brand with this powerful new online marketing resource! By allowing individuals to tag brands directly on their personal photos (upon approval of course), businesses are instantly empowering their targeted demographic to effectively advertise their products and services on their behalf, a major social media marketing win for brands everywhere!

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