Top Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Sales Funnel Using Social Media

Top Ways-to-Drive-Traffic-to-Your-Sales-Funnel-Using-Social-Media

Do you have a sales funnel in place? Your sales funnel is critically important to your online marketing, as it gives you a predictable way to nurture your leads into prospects, and your prospects into customers. And yet despite its importance, many business owners don’t take the time to think through the process. Think about […]

13 Types of Visual Content That Get Shared Like Crazy

13 Types of Visual Content That Get Shared Like Crazy - Kim Garst

If you are looking to get more traction from your social media content, then this post is for you! Nothing is quite as effective for getting shares and retweets as visual content. While I always recommend using a wide variety of content types, using visual content is still my #1 strategy for getting my content […]

10 Instagram Marketing Hacks


New to using Instagram for business? Or just looking for tips and tricks to make your Instagram marketing more effective? This post will walk you through 10 Instagram marketing hacks you may not have thought of. And please leave YOUR best Instagram hacks in the comments at the end of the post! 1. Add hashtags […]

Top 7 Free Photo Editing Apps

Top 7 Free Photo Editing Apps - Kim Garst

Photo editing apps are huge right now, and for good reason. According to research on internet trends, we post somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.8 BILLION photos to the internet every single day. That is A LOT of images to edit! So it is no surprise that new photo editing apps are coming out nearly […]

Twitter as a Business-Building Powerhouse

Twitter as a Business-Building Powerhouse - Kim Garst

Twitter launched in March of 2006. I joined and started building my Twitter community about 2 years later. When I first started with Twitter, I didn’t get it. How could the “what’s happening” Twitter prompt be used for business? It took a lot of digging in for me to realize that Twitter could be a […]

Top 35 Small Business Tools for Today’s Entrepreneur

Top 35 Small Business Tools for Today’s Entrepreneur.jpg

Small business owners wear many hats – sales, marketing, hiring, website design, social media marketing, research and development, etc. It can be tough to juggle it all and I am a firm believer that the work is in the tools. So what tools will make a small business owner’s life easier? In fact, I am […]

How To Increase Your Email List By 200%

How To Increase Your List By 200 Percent

Although social media sites have attracted the majority of attention from marketers over the last few years, email continues to be the most-used platform among consumers. It is ubiquitous. Everyone has it, and most importantly, everyone uses it. Moreover, mobile devices, which are now owned by most U.S. consumers – 87% of adults in the […]

Build Your Business Through SMS Marketing

Build Your Business Through SMS Marketing

Text message marketing is anything but fringe when it comes to driving business. In fact, Mshopper notes that successful SMS marketing campaigns have huge potential, with engagement rates reaching eight times the level of typical email campaigns. A number of retailers, meanwhile, have managed conversion rates as high as 23 percent. Given the brevity and […]